The‌ ‌Growing‌ ‌Need‌ ‌for‌ ‌Delivery‌ ‌Management‌ ‌Systems‌ ‌in‌ ‌Business‌ - Shipox DMS

The on-demand economy is on the rise. With customers who are occupied with the idea of making purchases from anywhere and having them delivered to wherever they wish, delivery management systems (DMS) such as Shipox have become a non-negotiable need for businesses. Before online shopping became a trend, the traditional shopping methods did not require prompt systems to look after hundreds of deliveries in a day. With the constant flux of rising demand for fast and accurate deliveries and businesses shifting their axis to this form of selling, the need for delivery management systems has become crucial. 

Delivery Management Systems Benefits

Delivery management systems accelerate delivery processes by automating functions that were previously performed manually. Delivery management systems have also made it possible to manage and control operations and synchronize them on singular platforms to minimize chances of error, or fraudulent practices are minimized. Another edge that businesses gain with DMS is the reduction of costs. Companies have efficiently managed their resources and invested them in areas that would churn out more significant profits using DMS. There are a few primary outcomes that businesses expect from delivery management systems:

  1. Automation
  2. Efficient management
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Fleet Tracking 
  5. Enhanced resource allocation
  6. Minimized errors
  7. Transparency 
  8. Analytical reporting 
  9. Satisfied customers
  10. Business growth

All these features ensure a business’s stability and growth. In a world of online shopping for all things essential and some not so much, efficient deliveries are the key factor for boosting the trend. Had it not been for delivery management systems and their efficient procedures, the world population would have hardly relied on this method of acquiring goods. 

The Need for On-Demand Delivery

An efficient delivery management system must back up the goods industry businesses. In 2020 over 2 billion people worldwide chose to make purchases online. The total amount of online purchases were recorded at a massive 4.2 trillion US dollars all around the globe. Businesses have gained customer trust with efficient delivery services, and so, year after year, the percentage of buyers depending on delivery medium increases.

Various Businesses in Need of Delivery Management Systems

The need for delivery management is quite general in this era, and almost all businesses require efficient support systems to manage their products deliveries. Everything is now available online to purchase and delivered to your doorstep, from groceries, apparel, and food to hardware goods and motor parts. Global Data Analysis and Forecast estimate that by 2022, the global food and groceries will hit $11,204.5 billion, out of which 10% will be purchased online. With such rising figures in the deliveries department, systemized software have become the need of the hour. 

Increase Business Productivity with DMS

The core purpose of onboarding delivery management systems is to benefit your businesses. There are multiple ways through which Shipox can increase your business productivity. DMS equip businesses with route optimization features through which drivers can plan the most efficient routes to finish their assigned deliveries for the day. Instead of working out fixed routes that drivers think are best, Shipox helps them plan out the shortest and most time-saving route. Drivers are estimated to deliver double the number of packages in a day compared to before using Shipox for deliveries. The route optimization feature makes the jobs more convenient for drivers by marking out the best routes and automatically deleting any stopovers in case of schedule changes.

Shipox has enabled drivers to save up to 5.5 hours a week in completing the same number of deliveries as they would prior to using it.

Customer Notifications with DMS

Delivery management systems also allow businesses to keep their customers informed of package delivery statuses. The proof of delivery option is also a much-demanded feature of DMS, and research shows that 87% of customers expect to get proof of delivery and delivery status updates. 

DMS for Growing Delivery Based Businesses

The world is transitioning from making physical purchases for everything to buying goods online as much as possible. Businesses have also created an air of trust where customers know that the right products will be delivered to them. The culture of buying stuff online has become popular with the backing of efficient delivery management systems playing along with other business operations. DMS such as Shipox ensures that businesses are optimizing their resources and operating to drive them towards growth by achieving customer satisfaction.