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    Delivery Dispatch Software saves your time & money

    Shipox helps businesses all over the world reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and save time planning routes. Set up your own Delivery Management Software in just a minute.

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    Driver Application

    Driver app helps you track your delivery till the delivery destination turn by turn. It allows your drivers to capture proof of delivery and send status updates to customers in real-time.

    Heat Map

    Based on your previous delivery history, find out which zones are generating the most orders so that you can allocate your resources and optimize your costs.


    Real-time tracking of all delivery personnel and vehicles, so that you can effectively manage your fleet and improve customer satisfaction.

    White Label App

    A frontend & backend white labeled website for your team with your company logo and domain name. Annual or monthly maintenance is applicable.

    Dashboard Analytics

    Track your delivery performance from one place. Monitor the number of orders that need to be dispatched and track your delivery success from the first attempt.

    COD Management

    Cash on delivery solution for your delivery operation management, with a finance settlement option. Track the cash flow from the point of order creation until the final destination.

    Feature Updates
    Feature update

    Shipox Features Updates: November 2022

    Hub management“Hub Management – this new change allow users control platform with warehousesBefore turning on Hub management every marketplace should do following steps: Step 1

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