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    How Does Shipox DMS Optimize Delivery?

    Shipox offers all features to accelerate your business processes with respect to minimized costs and maximized customer satisfaction. With Shipox, smart offerings, delivery businesses will experience growth, convenience, and automation.

    delivery management software


    Escalated Resource Management
    Keep in touch, and control with your drivers and navigate movements every step of the way for quickened services. Receive real-time updates from the point of operations and also the customers for delivery completion and proof of delivery.

    delivery management software


    Smart Allocation of Resources
    With the Shipox Heat Map, invest resources where it is most important. Make use of previous deliveries to mark out which areas generate greater business and use maximum resources to serve those. Control deliveries and resources by allocating a specific number of orders per driver.

    delivery management software


    Enhanced Vigilance
    With Shipox, you will always know where your vehicles are at a given time. Monitor operations by keeping a check on field workers and for accurate delivery operations.

    delivery management software


    Convenient Financials
    With COD delivery management get constantly updated cashflows for online orders. Bridge the gap between online order generation and cash acquisition.

    delivery management software


    Optimized Operations
    Extract maximum profits from your delivery business with fast-tracked operations and automated systems providing an all-around playing field for day-to-day delivery management. Stay on top of resource management, cash on deliveries, and customer assurance, all by integrating into one single platform.

    Stay Updated with Driver App

    Receive real-time updates from drivers working in the field. Navigate your vehicles every step of the way through the driver app. Get access to communication with customers for proof of delivery.

    Resource Allocation with Heat Map

    Get reports on high or low business areas based on previous delivery history. Use the information to allocate resources accordingly for better resource management and higher profit generation.


    Track all vehicles and delivery personnel in real-time for optimal control on services through efficient deliveries resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

    Get a White Label App

    Get a Shipox maintained frontend/backend white-labeled app with your company logo and domain name.

    Dashboard for Operations

    Receive information about order dispatch, delivery success, and performance, all at one look. Use dashboard analytics to manage operations and plan out deliveries for business success.

    COD Management

    Manage cash on delivery from the initial order generation till the last step. Manage cash flows and finance settlement options for your delivery operations.

    Delivery Management With Shipox

    Be in control of deliveries from the point of order creation till final delivery for both, B2b and B2C segments. An end-to-end delivery management system that allows you to allocate resources more efficiently for enhanced performance in operations. Manage your fleet effectively with accelerated and accurate automated procedures.

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