Delivery Management Software: 5 Ways To Improve Driver Performance

Your delivery fleet is one of the most important components of the delivery process. According to the latest reports, high quality fleet management plays an important role in increasing customer experience. Experts claim that well-equipped and trained drivers can contribute to more than 57% of your delivery success. Your delivery management software must be such that it can cater to demands and requirements of your drivers, so that the delivery process is carried out smoothly. 

Here are the top 5 ways through which you can achieve significant improvement in your drivers’ performance:

Delivery Management Software
  1. Assist Drivers with Navigation

Manual delivery processes have now become obsolete. There is such a huge demand for online orders and their timely delivery, that there is hardly any room for errors or unnecessary delays in the process. It is a burden on efficiency and resources such as time and money, when your driver has to navigate the shortest and most convenient way to the order destination. Using traditional navigation methods such as GPS can be highly inefficient. Your business must be equipped with a route optimization software that can navigate the shortest possible route to your destination and re-route you in case of any unexpected circumstances. Route optimization has been reported to increase your business efficiency by more than 64%. A delivery management software also has this feature.

  1. Encourage Automated Processes

Manual operations are not only troublesome for the drivers, but also for managers. Automated processes mean that technology will be able to ensure that delivery operations are managed almost flawlessly. Automation in the delivery journey can be enhanced by using different kinds of software and features such as route optimization software, fleet management software, or an entire delivery management software such as Shipox, with multiple different features. Such software ensures that order allocation is done in such a way that the workload for each driver is fairly divided to increase their efficiency. All other processes relevant to driver management, such as communication are also automatically managed. For instance, Shipox has a drivers application that manages communication and order allotment for drivers, along with other relevant insights in the most effective ways.

  1. Work with Data

You can only bring improvement and perfection to any operations by monitoring the mistakes or flaws in the existing process and then working to negate them. For driver management, you must make sure that the process is data oriented. A delivery management software will derive the correct data and analytical reports regarding drivers performances and the overall delivery process, including customer feedback and delivery success. The Heat Map feature can also enable you to identify the areas and seasons of most order generation due to the collected data. All these analytical reports and data can help you increase your drivers’ overall performance. 

  1. Increase Accountability

Research shows that 4 out of 6 employees tend to perform their best when they are aware that they will be held accountable for their actions. Drivers can be held accountable by using features such as real-time tracking that can keep track of the exact location of the driver and can help ensure that the orders are being processed in the best possible ways. Moreover, customer feedback regarding drivers performance can also be used as a key metric. With smart data analytics in automated delivery processes, driver performance metrics are automatically generated based on multiple factors. A delivery management software has the feature for smart analytical reporting.

  1. Ensure Proper Training

The most efficient delivery personnel would be the one who is most professionally trained. In order to keep your drivers’ performance up to the mark, you must make sure that they are trained to be the best at what they are supposed to do; that is to drive. This should cover strict abidance by laws and safe and efficient driving. Moreover, they should be given technical training regarding the use of any software that may be part of the delivery process. If your drivers have to communicate with customers at a point in the order cycle, they should be trained regarding the best practices of customer dealing, in order to increase customer experience. 

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