Core Benefits of Using a Delivery Management System for your Business - Shipox DMS

With on-demand e-commerce on the rise with an endless possibility of growth, businesses must ensure that their delivery services are ready for the task. The last thing that businesses need these days are customers who wouldn’t rely on online channels. WIth fast-moving trends and simultaneously busy buyers without the luxury of time to spend in grocery stores, restaurants, or malls, deliveries stand as the most viable of options. The accessibility to products from anywhere without the hassle of the physical ordeal is what boosts the delivery culture. With such convenience prevalent, businesses must have a strong system backing up their delivery channels. 

Delivery management software are those systems exactly. The opportunity of streamlined, fast-paced, and accurate operations is one that no business, regardless of size, should miss. 

Automated and Streamlined Workflow

A delivery management system eliminates the need to record delivery orders on paper. It also eliminates repeating the recording process at multiple steps. Once a delivery order is fed into the DMS, it operates in an automated format and records every necessary detail. This helps to save time and also human energy that could be better used otherwise. 

Route Optimization

Delivery management software come with an excellent feature that makes deliveries quicker. The route optimization is based on algorithms that allow drivers to plan out delivery routes in the most efficient manner. Instead of finishing one zone and moving on to the next, drivers can plan routes according to real-time traffic conditions, areas, and the least time-taking routes. The entire purpose of route optimization is to make deliveries faster. The sooner a parcel reaches its destination, the higher customer satisfaction, and of course, a higher delivery rate for the business. 

Tracking and Managing Drivers and Vehicles

You can track your drivers and vehicles at any given time with a delivery management system. Unlike the previous times, a DMS eliminates the need for drivers to self-report distances covered or time consumed in deliveries for compensation. You can monitor ongoing deliveries at all times without the need to call several drivers for location information. With a DMS, you can also estimate better that how much time is actually taken on a specific delivery route and map out which delivery routes have the highest utilization rate. This way, you can focus greater numbers of your resources in those regions and manage deliveries more smoothly. 

Save Time and Money With Efficient Management

A DMS will help you save in terms of time and money. How?  With DMS route optimization feature, you will always know the best route for your deliveries which will definitely save time. Once you’ve chosen the smallest, most effective route for a delivery, you will simultaneously be saving fuel costs that would have been otherwise lost to inefficient routing. 

Systematic Monitoring

We discussed tracking features offered by delivery management software that make it easier to exercise control over your fleet. Apart from this form of monitoring, another benefit of using a DMS is that the singular platform approach enables managers to look after several operations at a time. While tracking their vehicles, managers can also remain informed of new orders, available workforce, and day-to-day managerial jobs. This helps in better resource optimization and efficient management. 

All in One Dashboard

What enables systematic monitoring via DMS is the dashboard facility. A dashboard is a layout of all necessary information for a business operation designed to fit the requirement of a specific job role. For instance, a logistics manager’s dashboard would differ from that of a sales manager’s. Dashboards make it convenient to view and access information that requires action. With the dashboard feature, important information is available at all times to concerned employees so that they can assess and plan workflow accordingly. It further helps to monitor and streamline the business flow. 

Single Platform for Reconciliation

A DMS is responsible for the intake of orders, creating customer accounts, processing customer information for delivery, providing analyzed reports to staff members for business operations, managing the deliveries themselves, and of course, monetary management. All these various steps and many more involved in the complicated fabric of making deliveries a success can be managed by adopting a singular software.  

Satisfy Customers and Grow Your Business

Agile deliveries are one of the most efficient manners for customer satisfaction nowadays. With a higher rate of satisfied and loyal customers, your business is sure to grow. The more accurate and quick your deliveries are, customers’ trust in your business will grow undoubtedly. 

DMS for Enhanced Management

A delivery management software will ensure that all your delivery-related operations are in a smooth flow, accelerated, and most importantly, accurate. A DMS will help you manage your resources more efficiently and grow your businesses.

With delivery management systems, you get:

✔ Smoother workflow                           

✔ Optimal resource utilization              

✔ Saved time and costs                       

✔ Tracking and monitoring                   

✔ Customer satisfaction                       

✔ Business growth                               

✔ Efficient management                       

✔ Easier reporting                                

✔ Accessible information                      

✔ Systematic monitoring                       

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