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Users and roles in Shipox play a vital role when you have a huge team and you want to manage access for each one of them separately.

What Are Users?

Users are your team members to whom you have access to view, place, and manage Orders in your Shipox account. You can invite users with their email addresses.

While inviting a User to your Shipox account, you have to select a Role for them.

What Are Roles?

The Roles will define what access and limitations they will have while in the account.

How To Add A User And its Roles In Shipox?

To add a user in Shipox, please follow the below steps,

  1. Navigate to the Main menu from the left top corner.
  2. To add a user, go to the “User” page in the admin backend menu.
  3. Click on the ‘+’ at the Top corner.
  4. The user pop-up window is displayed; please fill in the below details,
    1. Email address – default login user name would be this email address.
    2. First Name
    3. Last Name
    4. Phone Number
    5. Associated Supplier
    6. User Status
    7. Password (Alphanumeric with lower and uppercase)
    8. Role
Users - Roles and Permission in Shipox💁
Users and Roles in Shipox

📌 Note – Role Admin is a mandatory role for all users who wants to log in to the admin backend.

Here is a video for your reference –

Tips For Assigning Roles

  • While creating the users add the roles based on the users’ functionality in the operations.
  • All the users should have “ROLE ADMIN” as a mandatory role to get access to the admin backend.
  • The rest of the roles are based on the visibility they should have.
  • Please refer to this article for knowing all the Roles and Permission in Shipox –