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Timeslot management is a powerful tool that optimizes your delivery, especially last-mile planning and processes while ensuring complete customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries within the preferred time slots

Setting time slots helps you plan deliveries more efficiently while providing your customers with a more satisfying delivery experience.

Timeslot Management Features in Shipox⏰

What you can handle with Shipox is,

  • Create pickup and drop-off slots for choosing suitable delivery time windows as per your customer’s availability and convenience.
  • Choose your availability

How To Set Up Timeslots

To setup Timeslots, please follow the steps below,

  1. Navigate to Main Menu from the left top.
  2. Go to the courier company sub-menu and click on ‘Timeslots.’
  3. Click on the ‘+’ at the left top to create new timeslots.
  4. Add the below information,
    1. Sort Order – Pirotise your orders with the order number; the lower the high prior.
    2. Name of your timeslot – Give a user-friendly name so that your customers identify the slots by their name.
    3. Description – Give a short description of the slot for your customers to understand.
    4. Start Time – Mention the start time of the timeslot.
    5. End Time – Mention the end time of the timeslot.
    6. Type – There are two types of slots with Shipox. It can either be pickup or dropped off.
      1. Pick up – Indicate the time of collection of goods from the customer (Vendor, supplier, or merchants).
      2. Drop Off – Indicate the time of delivery to the end customer.

5. Click on the ‘Submit‘ to save the timeslots. ⏰

Timeslot Management In Shipox⏰
Timeslots in Shipox

NOTE: The above image is an example of creating a pickup – timeslot. Please make sure you create both pickups and drop off as well.

Timeslot management is made easy in Shipox. Now that we have created timeslots, it is crucial to set the availability.

What Is Timeslot Availability ⏳🚚

Timeslot availability is a method to define for which ‘service type’ are the created timeslots available.

For Example, if we have two service types as ‘Same day delivery’ and ‘Next day delivery,’ you can have a time slot option for Next day pick up and not for same day delivery service type.

How To Set Up Time Slot Availability?

To setup Timeslots availability, please follow the steps below,

  1. Navigate to Main Menu from the left top.
  2. Go to the courier company sub-menu and click on ‘Timeslots Availability.’
  3. Click on the ‘+’ at the left top to create new timeslot availability.
  4. Add the below information,
    1. Time slot – Select the designed time slot from the dropdown menu.
    2. Courier Company – Select the courier company from the dropdown menu.
    3. Service Type – Select the service type for which this timeslot should be visible. 📢 This is a very important step.
    4. Neighborhood – Select the neighborhood cites for which the timeslot should be available.
    5. Capacity – Mention the maximum capacity of weight for which this timeslot should be visible; once the capacity weight has exceeded, the slot for today is over, and the customers are offered the next day slot.

5. Click on the ‘Submit‘ to save the timeslot availability. ⏳🚚

Timeslot Management In Shipox⏰
Timeslot Availability

📌 Note – If multiple timeslots are created for both pickup and delivery they will be visible for the clients at the time of order creation

Whether operating an e-commerce business, running a local delivery service, or offering third-party logistics solutions, efficient delivery time slot management can help you automate and optimize every element in your delivery ecosystem.

The Time slot management feature allows your customers to choose suitable delivery time windows as per their availability and convenience. In short, you give your customers the freedom to choose what and when they want.

Still not sure how to set up your timeslots? Please write to support@shipox.com