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    Courier Management Software

    Shipox DMS Food Delivery

    Bring your restaurant’s food delivery management on board with Shipox. A complete food delivery management solution that automates order placement, dispatch, delivery, and tracking. You will always know where an order is until the very step of the delivery.
    The Shipox food delivery software takes care of every phase of a restaurant’s delivery service.a

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    Shipox helps you with your food deliveries every step of the way!

    Food Delivery Software

    Personal Mobile App and Website

    The Shipox food delivery system provides you with a restaurant's personal website or app with user-friendly interfaces through which customers can place orders online. Customize menu options and generate online revenues via integrated payment options.

    Numerous Orders, One Dashboard

    Manage all orders on a single portal. With one dashboard, monitor order status and delivery cycle. View and manage essential operations such as canceling, reassigning, or deleting orders.

    Food Delivery Software
    Food Delivery Software

    Automated Delivery Cycle

    Automatically assign order deliveries to the nearest available agents. Receive real-time notifications and track delivery status to exercise optimal control on field operations.

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    Delivery Route Optimization

    With smart analytics, optimize delivery routes for the fastest and shortest routes to complete several orders in one go. Reduce delivery time and increase customers satisfaction with fast-tracked order completion.

    Food Delivery Software
    Food Delivery Software

    Notify Your Customers

    Track your delivery agents at all times and keep your customers informed of their order ETA through SMS or notifications. Track delivery agents for promptness and accuracy in delivery time.

    Receive Ratings and Reviews

    Provide customers with the chance of giving feedback through rating and reviews for your restaurant and delivery service. Satisfied customers are sure to draw in more business through their positive feedback.

    Food Delivery Software

    Why Use a Food Delivery Software?

    Make use of analytics to monitor, control, and manage deliveries efficiently. Make use of optimized delivery routes, accelerated deliveries, and customer reviews to enhance business operations. Manage, canceled, or delayed orders with intelligent resource allocation.