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Take Your Restaurants and Cloud-Kitchens To New Levels Of Success​

Shipox Food Delivery Management Software powers online food delivery with a Complete Delivery Management Solution and top of the market features.

Food Delivery Software

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    Shipox Food Delivery Management Software

    Why Choose Us?​

    Shipox has been leading multiple restaurants, cloud kitchens and online food business towards success with its delivery management suite. ​

    We have a state of the art food delivery management software that offers end-to-end delivery and logistics solutions to food businesses of all kinds. We believe that delivery management can decide the success and future of your food venture, and our aim is to perfect the process for you.

    Our delivery management suite comprises technologically updated features that are customized especially to meet all demands of your business. Shipox acts as a bridge between your customers and the food that they have ordered. We offer every single service that your customer demands and competition provides, so that you can offer your customers a flawless delivery service. With Shipox, you can forget about the logistics of delivery, and focus on creating magic in your kitchen. ​

    Food Delivery App

    Take A Look At The Features ​

    Shipox Food Delivery Management Software offers a variety of features that will perfect every single aspect of your delivery process

    Shipox Features

    Benefit from cost, time and resource optimization with this feature. This enables you to choose the best possible route to complete the delivery process in the shortest time and to avoid any delays in the journey.

    Route Optimization

    This feature allows customers to keep track of their order from the beginning to the end. They can remain updated about the status of their order and their ETA changes so that they do not have to worry about the status of their order at any time.

    Real Time Tracking
    Driver Application

    White labeled websites and applications enhance customer experience and enable you to offer personalized platforms that enhance your brand identity and build a closer connection with your clientele.

    Business Analytics

    Increase your business efficiency with the help of analytical business reporting done automatically on the centralized Shipox dashboard. This enables users to understand their customer requirements better and improve their operations in the best possible ways.

    Shipox DMS -Feature

    Efficient delivery management is only possible with flawless communication. Shipox allows constant updates to be sent to customers as well as drivers so they are aware of the order status. Moreover, it also allows customers to communicate their orders and all requirements clearly.

    Proof of Delivery

    POED option enables business partners and restaurants to have complete faith in the delivery management Solution since they have the ability to track the entire journey of the order, which ends with electronic proof of the delivery. In case a problem occurs, they are able to identify exactly when and where it occurred, which allows them to resolve it immediately.

    Alert & Notification

    This ensures that constant alerts and notifications are sent to drivers upon order creation so that no order goes missed and that all updates are sent in a timely manner and no order goes missed.​

    Shipox drivers’ application enables auto allocation of order to drivers, with constant updates and other driver management features available on a single platform in order to ensure flawless and efficient fleet management.​

    Driver Application

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      Frequently Asked Question

      How does the free trial works?

      The free trial gives you 15 days to test Shipox out and get a feel for how it works. It’s very simple to sign up for a trial, and no credit card is required. In the trial you can upload your own data that will roll over to your account once you start your subscription.

      Can I extend my free trial period?

      During your 15-day trial you can request to extend your trial period using the option within your account in Shipox.

      What if I signed up for a trial account but it has since expired?

      After your trial expires, you can still log in and use all the features apart of order creation. To continue creating orders you need to add your billing details.

      How do I pay my subscription bill?

      As a Shipox customer you are automatically charged once a month on the date you started your subscription. Your subscription is charged at the end of your billing cycle and will immediately appear on your billing account.

      What forms of payments do you accept?

      We accept debit, credit cards only.

      Do I have to pay fees for setting up?

      Yes, we do charge a separate fee for setting up.

      Can I cancel my subscription?

      Absolutely, while we’d hate to see you go, you can cancel the subscription at any time.