Chin Chin Case Study | Food Delivery Software | Shipox DMS

Business Challenges: Food Delivery Software is an important part of operations for cloud kitchens, and they are likely to face a variety of challenges in it. Chin Chin was subject to these main obstacles in the delivery process:

  • Their delivery operations were completely manual and hence subject to mismanagement and human errors. It was chaotic to assign drivers with the orders in ways that they would be able to manage the deliveries in an efficient manner.
  • They were using text messages or phone calls to communicate with their drivers regarding the assignment of orders or their delivery statuses, which resulted in a lag in the communication process.
  • It was difficult to monitor the location of drivers or the quality of their work. There was an absence of accountability regarding the payments collected by the drivers for the COD orders.
  • It was a burden on time and resources when drivers picked up longer routes or missed the right exits during their delivery process.
  • Customer satisfaction was decreasing due to the lack of communication with them. They needed to keep their customer base of 100,000 updated with the status of their orders in order to increase their loyalty.
  • Real-time visibility was required in order to keep customers informed and also to stay aware of the situation in case of unexpected delays, or other obstacles that might interfere with the delivery process.
  • It costs a lot of time and money to integrate their system with many external restaurant or delivery management businesses. They wanted a way to be able to integrate their system with ease.
  • Adapting to new technology is a difficult transition process for every team. ChinChin required a food delivery software that provided them with the necessary customer support and technical guidance.

Solutions Offered: Chin Chin decided to invest in the Shipox DMS to avail the complete Food Delivery Software for their online services. It is after multiple rounds of discussions and on-boarding sessions with their team, that Shipox offered them customized services to resolve every delivery challenge that they were facing. Here are the tailored solutions that Shipox offered: 

  • The Shipox DMS itself provides a centralized and automated system of operations to its customers. Chin Chin was able to eliminate the manual involvement in their delivery operations and streamline all functions easily. 
  • The challenge of assigning orders and monitoring the drivers was resolved with the use of Shipox Drivers App. With this, they were able to auto-assign orders to drivers, while also ensuring that the drivers are being distributed an equal amount of work and based on their locations and availability. 
  • The Drivers App also sends updates and notifications to the drivers so that they are constantly informed regarding the delivery that they have to perform. Managers can also keep track of the drivers’ performance and finances collected as part of the delivery.
  • The Real-time Tracking feature allows managers and customers to keep track of the journey of the order from the point of creation till the final delivery step. This increases customers’ trust and keeps them informed of the timeline for delivery. 
  • Chin Chin’s customer service was positively enhanced with the integration of Shipox, since they could now get notifications and updates regarding their orders. 
  • Shipox DMS provides restaurants with the ability to integrate with other 3PL companies for improved management. Chin Chin was able to benefit from this feature and integrated itself with the kitchen management system, Grubtech
  • Shipox provides dedicated customer support to Chin Chin so that their team can understand the functioning of the system, and can avail constant technical support in case of any difficulties. This allows for a smooth transition to new software.
Customer Testimonial : Food Delivery Software

We are happy to have Shipox onboard with Chin Chin and wish to explore more about our delivery experiences with them.” 

Success Overview: 

Food Delivery Software : Case Study
  1. Efficient management of over 10,000 new orders 
  2. Processing of over 150 orders on a daily basis
  3. The delivery process improved by over 25% with the addition of the DMS into their operations
  4. All operational restaurants have started to use the Food Delivery Management System due to the positive outcomes
  5. The Shipox Customer Support team succeeded in resolving every technical glitch or concern in record time

Future Plans: Chin Chin is soon to be 100% integrated with Shipox for their self-delivery orders so that they can easily manage and track all orders. The Dashboard Analytics feature is being modified and customized in order for them to analyze and monitor their business performance and logistics with ease. 

About Chin Chin: Chin Chin is a restaurant chain with branches all across the UAE, that has been serving some of the best Asian Fusion Food in the region since 2000. The restaurant has a massive customer base that has been loyal to the food chain for over a decade. Their main aim is to continue to serve their customers with hygienic and delicious food. Moreover, they also want to keep themselves updated with the rapidly