Shipox Case Study | Eathos | Food Delivery Software

Business Challenges: Eathos has a customer base of over 50,000 and the centralized restaurant operating system was facing a variety of challenges in its delivery process. 

  • One of the main challenges being faced by Eathos was regarding the manual input that they had to put in managing their delivery process. Everything from assigning orders to monitoring the delivery quality and ensuring customer satisfaction was dependent on the operational team. Since most resources and time were being spent on managing the delivery process, the internal team was unable to pay complete attention to the in-house services. There was a need to use a software that would prevent the compromise on either service. 
  • There was no way of tracking the drivers. They could not monitor the drivers’ locations, nor could they keep track of the orders in case of loss or delays. 
  • Communication was a hassle. They were using text messages, WhatsApp and phone calls to communicate with the drivers, which was becoming highly inefficient. They wanted to adopt a systematic method of communication instead.
  • The overall management of drivers was becoming difficult. There was no system to discover if a certain driver was available or if one could deliver the orders within the assigned time. 
  • Eathos wanted its customer base to expand but this would not be possible if customers would be dissatisfied with the delivery services. They wanted to provide a delivery experience that would increase customer loyalty.

Solutions Offered: Shipox conducted a series of meetings with Eathos in order to understand their requirements and customize its services according to their business needs. Here is a list of services that were offered in order to resolve the issues faced by Eathos and to perfect its delivery operations. 

  • The Shipox Driver Application proved to be of huge help to the company. Now, they were able to assign orders automatically to the drivers that were available and could perform them in optimum time. They could also communicate easily with regular updates and notifications to the drivers. 
  • The Real-time Tracking feature was also helpful in the sense that they could now monitor their entire delivery journey, keep track of the drivers’ performances and also monitor the order location.
  • This automation of processes meant that the operational managers could focus on the in-house dining and other responsibilities more and perform at maximum efficiency. 
  • The Shipox Dashboard Analytics features provided a comprehensive overview of the entire delivery journey and helped the team to generate and understand reports without spending extra time on this. 
  • Since the DMS was a new software, Shipox provided complete customer support in order to cater to any questions or difficulties that their team might have had. This enabled a smooth transition and the team was able to perform at their maximum capability in a short period of time. 
  • Shipox enables users to integrate with other 3PL companies for improved management. Eathos uses the Grubtech kitchen management system for improved results.

Success Overview: 

Food Delivery Software
  • Successful management of over 7,000 orders per month
  • The ability to manage more than 100 orders per day
  • The overall delivery process improved by over 15%
  • The customer satisfaction level also increased by over 15%
  • The success in the initial 7 restaurants has led to the decision that over 50 branches in Dubai will also be using the DMS

Work in Progress: Currently, work is being done to ensure that Eathos team does not face any technical difficulties while adapting to the new software. Work is also being done to negate any technical glitches or concerns that the team might have regarding the operations.

Eathos - Improving The Future of Food and Kitchen Operations

Future Plans: Eathos is actively planning to integrate Shipox with all brands’ POS systems. Moreover, Ethos is also onboarding more than 50 restaurant branches based in the UAE to use the Delivery Management System to improve their business operations. 

About Eathos: Eathos is a restaurant operator based in Dubai, UAE, and targets the highly attractive markets of the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. It is run by highly experienced industry experts who aim to change the dynamics of the F&B industry in the UAE. Eathos handles multiple different kitchen operations, manages cloud kitchens, catering, brand partnerships, and much more. 

Eathos - Improving The Future of Food and Kitchen Operations