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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of businesses around the globe to shut their shops, forcing people to go online and shop for essentials. With the continuous increase in the spread of the virus, it is clear that COVID-19 will have a long-lasting impact on our daily life. Nations to curb the spread of coronavirus are going under lockdown, making it difficult for people to buy essential items like groceries, food, and medicines.

 As the impact of COVID-19 is increasing with every passing day, more and more consumers are now relying harder on e-commerce platforms for their daily needs. This made it essential for the e-commerce platforms to come up with a modern solution to prevent the spread of the virus during deliveries, leading to a change of delivery norms to contactless deliveries.  Now, to ensure the safety of the customers and the executives, the e-commerce platforms are bound to follow contactless delivery, along with the WHO’s safety norms.

The rise of Contactless Deliveries

With the ongoing pandemic, there came a surge in contactless deliveries, as this is the safest way to deliver now. Contactless deliveries involve delivering the order without any physical involvement. For executing a contactless delivery, the delivery executives are asked to leave the order at the customer doorsteps, take its picture and send it to them to inform him about the delivery.

To ensure there is no physical contact, the payment has also been made contactless, i.e., through online modes. Contactless payments are not something people are unaware of. The ongoing pandemic made the retailers provide the customers with contactless or tap and go payment options for eliminating cash transactions. Most importantly, you need not worry about the security of your transactions as they are all OTP based.

The third and most crucial aspect of contactless delivery is ensuring proper hygiene. The online E-Commerce platform offering home delivery services are executing deliveries following all the safety norms provided by the WHO

Delivery Management Software can help to manage increasing online orders along with keeping safety norms in mind. Shipox DMS helps SMEs to manage deliveries over the ‘last mile’ and to improve their process. It is an ideal solution for retailers who have never dealt with their own delivery services.