(e-Commerce Integration) Salla: Perfecting e-Commerce in the Arab World - Shipox DMS

About the e-Commerce Integration:

  • Salla was earlier offered as an API integration to Shipox customers. However, the company has now upgraded its business model and has rapidly grown to work on the same model as Shopify and Amazon in Saudi Arabia, enabling businesses to operate with much more ease in the Arabic language.
  • Salla has opened up its portal for developers to create plugins for their shipping companies and publish these plugins on the platform, so that Salla’s clients can install these plugins and start availing shipping services from their desired companies.
  • With the use of this e-Commerce integration, Shipox will now be able to create plugins for the shipping companies that are registered as its clientele. A customer on Salla can reach out to the shipping company through the plugin and start availing the shipping services for their orders as soon as they install the plugin and have an agreement with the relevant shipping company.
  • In this way, Shipox clients will be able to gain more recognition in the Arabian marketplace, and hence will be able to get more orders to manage. Moreover, they will own their individual plugin, which will just be developed by Shipox as a technology partner. This will give their business a stronger sense of identity and make it easier for them to tap into the Salla marketplace to become accessible to more sellers. Shipping companies can therefore acquire more customers from the Salla marketplace.
  • Similarly, the stores and businesses on Salla’s deck will be able to use this e-Commerce integration plugin to easily access shipping companies that may have otherwise not been able to reach out with such convenience. They do not have to go through an extensive process of reaching out to shipping partners, registering themselves, and such lengthy steps. They can simply install and use the available plugins. Moreover, they can also start their own shipping services using this Shipox plugin and other delivery management solutions.

You can learn more about how you can set up your own successful delivery services here

  • This business model will be highly beneficial for promoting and encouraging a higher standard of e-Commerce operations in the region. This is because companies will be able to easily make use of a platform similar to, but more trusted in the region than Shopify since it is much more convenient to use due to its availability in their mother tongue, Arabic. This model has succeeded in meeting market demands, and is therefore bound to give positive outcomes. It is easy to use even for customers who are not very tech savvy and enables them to transition easily to a new system. 

How to Set Up The Integration:

e-Commerce integration

A shipping company can register to Shipox and use the Salla ready-made plugin to offer its services online on salla.sa. Shipox support will fill the required keys and webhooks for the Salla ready-made plugin. The shipping company will fill in all the marketing relevant information and submit it for review. Here are the steps to set up the integration:

1. Search and install the plugin from Salla App Store

2. Upon installation, the Shipox-Salla Sign In page allows you to sign in if you already have an account or allows to create a new sign up 

3. When the store installs the plugin, it creates an instance of integration from Salla store to the Shipox Customer account. 

4. As Admin then service agreements can be configured on  Salla Integrations page 

5. By default, the client keys etc. are already populated on the Integrations page of the store. If customer name is not populated, then Customer Name should be updated by Admin. 

6. There are a few additional configurations required, such as: Service Type , Status Mapping , City Mapping by the Admin for each store. It can be set to default of personalized per integration

7. On selecting the customer, the Admin needs to ensure that Package Rule is created

8. The last step is to activate the integration to the store

About Salla:

Salla is a Saudi-based e-Commerce platform that allows users to set up their stores in Arabic and sell their products and services to customers by selecting a design of their liking available on Salla. The business owners can also manage their inventory by using Salla’s website or app. The company provides different types of reports and tools that help store owners with automatic invoices, integration, customer database, the ability to block customers, pin favorite products, have offers and discounts, and more. Salla’s e-Commerce integration is mutually beneficial for the customers of both parties.