White Labeling: How Does Shipox Help With Branding? - Shipox DMS

Another name for branding is white labeling. As there is a rise in the number of deliveries and the demand for high quality delivery management services, there is a subsequent rise in the demand for branding as well as white labeling services. This is because in today’s world, brand image and identity are major deciding factors for the success and performance of any brand. Research data reveals that a stronger branding identity contributes up to more than 71% towards the success of any brand. 

The most competent delivery management software in today’s time, such as Shipox offers customers with the best services regarding branding through the feature of white labeling.

What is white labeling?

White labeling is the process in which one company or entity hires another organization to manage and develop its branding. However, the catch is that the hired organization remains anonymous and the brand appears to be managing its services all by itself. The actions or involvement of the third party is not obvious in any way. 

How does Shipox help with branding?

Shipox offers all customers with white labeling or branding services through the complete management of website and applications. There are many benefits of availing the white labeling service. Some of these benefits include the following:

Encouragement of a strong brand identity

A strong brand identity is highly important for the success of any business. The better the branding and marketing strategy in today’s time, the better will be the customer engagement and the customer experience. With the help of white labeled applications and websites, brand identity can be made very strong. 

Ability to let the professionals handle management

The management of different aspects of business operations is highly specialized. Different departments and teams are responsible for carrying out various aspects of business operations successfully. It is a great decision to let the specialized third party team from the delivery management software such as Shipox to handle the branding. 

Increased customer experience

It is very risky to expsose customers to improperly functioning digital platforms such as websites and applications. This can have a direct and negative impact on customer experience. In order to make sure that your services and branding is up to date and as well as that of the competitors, you must allocate the responsibility of handling the business branding and white labeling op erations to a professional and well-equipped delivery management software. 

Optimization of costs

Cost and resource optimization is very important for the success and profitability of any business. When businesses hire different marketing, IT, and branding agencies and hire multiple resources, or try out different software, the results are not ideal. These shifts in decisions and change of agencies and resources can be very heavy on the pocket. On top of this, loss of customers or poor customer experience can itself result in the loss of finances and costs. 

Shipox is a data-driven Delivery Management Software that enables its users across a multitude of diverse industries to avail market competitive features and customer support in order to automate and perfect their delivery process. Shipox users are able to increase the efficiency of their delivery process, optimize their costs effectively, and enhance their customer experiences. To learn more, you can sign up for a quick demo here.