The Importance of Last-Minute Deliveries - Shipox DMS

Delivery management systems are platforms that digitize core logistics like task allocation, vehicle tracking, route planning, etc. DMS is a very beneficial asset to a business as it helps reduce cost, eliminates the risk of errors and it improves customer experience with the company. 

Understandably, delivery operations may change at the last moment. This would result in changes being needed to be made in the logistics plan in place. 

Delivery management systems allow businesses to figure out these changes and work towards finding a solution for delivery fulfillment needed at that moment. 

Last-minute deliveries are defined as the final step of the logistics plan. It is the transportation of the product from the company to the customer. The basic goal of last-mile delivery logistics is to deliver packages in a timely, economical and accurate manner. 

In this fast-paced world, customers want their product as soon as possible and that is where last-minute deliveries come into place. To cater to the needs of their customers and to keep in the competition, businesses must pay great attention to last-mile delivery systems. 

Companies may use last-mile delivery solutions to: 

Real-Time Delivery Tracking: 

Robust retail delivery software allows customers to receive timely updates about the status of their orders. Customers and managers are both able to track the location of the product. This results in customer satisfaction. It also acts as proof of delivery making the invoicing process hassle-free. 

Engagement With the Customers: 

Last-mile delivery systems will decrease the number of missed deliveries by a great number. Again, increasing customer satisfaction. This happens by companies allowing delivery personnel and customers to communicate via their mobile devices. 

Prioritize and Schedule: 

It is known that there is a dramatic increase in delivery volume. This increases expectations of customers expecting to get their product as soon as possible. Using an app for last-mile delivery logistics will help companies allocate and time their resources properly. This would result in the package reaching the customer early and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Auto Dispatch

Last-mile delivery systems also allow for effective management of all assignments and on-demand orders.  It allocates resources like the most suitable individual for each task. This decreases labor cost and service time.

Increases Profitability: 

The software enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, it reduces cost. This is done through the optimization of roads, reduction of fuel consumption and decrease in fleet management expenses, all these factors contribute to the profitability of the business. 

Last-mile delivery systems also increase productivity by eliminating unplanned diversions and unnecessary idling. 

Flexible Delivery: 

Customers these days prefer services that are flexible and customizable. The software allows the customer to choose the time and location best suited to them. This again increases customer satisfaction.

Visibility of Resources: 

The software helps increase fleet visibility. This allows the companies to know where their vehicles are and how many vehicles are idling. It gives companies better control over vehicles. And also decreases the risk of theft, spoilage, and pilferage. 

Helps Streamline Shipping and Delivery Operations: 

The system automates repetitive tasks which save energy, money, and time. It also streamlines other shipping and delivery operations which make the overall operation efficient. This allows the company to serve a large number at the same time.