Redbox | Case Study | Delivery Management Software

Business Challenge: Entering the logistics market, Redbox needed the assistance of a Delivery Management Software in order to ensure a successful and smooth delivery process for customers, keeping into consideration the standards of the digital world. Moreover, the team also needed perfect support to help them transition to a new system.

Journey: Shipox was able to comprehend the exact nature of services that would be required by Redbox as soon as the company reached out with an interest in availing the delivery management services. A nascent logistics company is subject to a myriad of issues, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. With the increased isolation globally, the demand for courier services has increased rapidly. However, these courier companies must operate completely automated and structured, in order to keep the customers from moving on to the next competitor in the industry. Redbox was in need of a DMS that could technologically align its services in ways that could guarantee a promising delivery process, coupled with customer satisfaction and employee accountability. Shipox was ready to take up the challenge!

A series of onboarding sessions were arranged in order to analyze and work out the strategic operations that would be required to get Redbox started with the new software. These sessions gave both parties immense time to comfortably and clearly communicate and comprehend all necessary details including issues faced such as the speed and procedure of the transformation, expectations, demands, and more in order to commence an effective journey together. By the end of these sessions, Shipox was ready to lead this new logistics business to the top of the market.

In the beginning, Redbox was interested in only experimenting with the generic Shipox logistics stack, such as the Shipox White Label App. Our team ensured effective customer support and communication to make sure that the service was smoothly explained and transferred to the client. As is common in most cases, Redbox’s team had quite a few doubts and queries regarding the new software and the process of getting used to it. This was dealt with with utmost patience and vigilant support was provided in all aspects. 

Soon enough, the team was able to recognize how comprehensive the Shipox DMS really is. Successfully, the logistics company not only found great satisfaction in the way the service turned out for them, but they also decided to come on board for many other services. Redbox loved the software features that they received out of the box in Shipox. This added excitement for their own team, which made the entire process even more enjoyable. Soon enough, our team was conducting multiple training sessions for the Driver App, the first SMS provider integration for Srilanka, and even the Customers App. Overall the process was smooth and enjoyable for both parties. There were a few inevitable bumps along the road, where getting used to new software was a factor, the first-time SMS integration for the company based in Srilanka took a bit of added time, and such. 

Overall, the company which was just entering into the logistics business was able to benefit immensely from a variety of the availed services in many aspects. Most notably, the Driver Tracking feature proved to be very useful. It guaranteed a great amount of security and accountability in the organization, which is always a great role player in inevitable success. Similarly, the Route Optimization feature was able to provide the company with the most efficient, time and cost-effective, and safe route for deliveries. This plays the most crucial role in the accomplishment of a logistics company. No less effective has been the Customer App, which has not only ensured a flawless customer experience but has also enabled an exemplary delivery management process. The White Label app played a massive role in crediting the Redbox brand identity, without the clientele realizing the involvement of a third party.

It is safe to proclaim that Shipox has added to its list another valuable client, straight up its path to success. We have helped Redbox in their successful soft launch and equipped them to use our software for reaching great heights with efficient deliveries and excellent customer support.

Transformation: Shipox Delivery Management System has enabled the company to smoothly and successfully transition towards a completely streamlined and automated delivery process. The company has managed to use the DMS not only to its own benefit but also that of its entire clientele. Redbox has made use of the software to create its brand identity and to mark its identity as an efficient and technologically equipped company in the market.

Quote:Thank you so much for your time and support. It’s been a super service from all of you… hope to grow our new brand with Shipox.”