Quiqup - Innovative Last-Mile Deliveries (3PL Integration) - Shipox DMS

About the Integration: Shipox offers its customers 3PL integrations, including Quiqup. This integration has a multitude of benefits to offer customers. 

  • One of the most important benefits is that customers will be able to manage all orders using the Shipox dashboard and will not have to spend their resources or time in managing their operations in different places.
  •  With 3PL integrations, users can even benefit from constant updates of the live locations and status on their own Shipox system. This means that they will be able to track items being delivered by the 3PL company.
  • The integration gives users the ability to choose Quiqup as a 3PL partner to give a certain load of orders for management. This can be a cost-effective option as Quiqup might be able to offer them with better pricing for order deliveries as compared to other 3PL companies.
  • Another benefit that using the Quiqup integration can offer to customers is a wider outreach to areas where the customers’ own fleets might not be able to reach. This can expand the scope of covered area and customers greatly. 
  • Customers can also benefit from extending a variety of services which they are unable to provide to their clientele through Quiqup. It is more beneficial that these services would be branded under the customer’s name and would add value to their brand.

How to Set Up the Integration?

For setting up the 3PL integration, all you need is to create Quiqup as a Supplier in your Shipox account and get yourself added as a customer for Quiqup.

Quiqup - Innovative Last-Mile Deliveries (3PL Integration)
  1. Agreement – Create an account on Quiqup
  2. List service types
  3. List Areas
  4. Automate allocation rules on shipox /manual assignment ( article link)
  5. Start assigning orders and 
  6. Track live 

The Service types in Shipox and Quiqup should be exactly the same. 

The Service areas and non-service areas in Shipox and Quiqup should also be exactly the same. 

About Quiqup:

Quiqup - Innovative Last-Mile Deliveries (3PL Integration)

Quiqup is one of the UAE’s largest and most reliable delivery services. It began as the courier service only for restaurants and food businesses initially. It is after this success that the company decided to further expand into the e-commerce market. Now, Quickup manages the deliveries for businesses of all shapes and sizes in a highly reliable and efficient manner. With the rise in the demand for deliveries in the region, as a consequence of the global e-Commerce boom, the integration with Quiqup helped customers in carrying out successful delivery operations.