Liqui Moly: Taking Distribution to the Next Level - Shipox DMS

Business Challenge: The worldwide brand and one of the global leading distributor companies for motor oils and vehicle care products, Liqui Moly was in search of a Delivery Management Software in order to streamline its delivery processes efficiently. Using obsolete and incompetent methods to track their deliveries, and notify customers regarding their delivery status, they were now on the lookout for a single modern, reliable and automated software to cater to all their needs at once. Being one of the first distributor companies in the region to incorporate a DMS in their operations, it was a challenge to ensure that their team and customers were all updated and equipped with the capability to adapt to this updated system. 

Journey: Shipox welcomed the challenge of adding the first distributor company to its clientele with thorough business planning and the customization of these plans specifically to meet the company’s requirements. It took multiple sessions of discussions with their team in order to completely comprehend the various aspects of issues that they were facing in the delivery process, and how they expected a DMS to cater to their business needs. We conducted a series of on-site and off-site trainings in order to ensure that the initial setting up of the system and the team’s transition were made as smooth as possible. Adapting to a new software was a process equally exciting yet challenging for Liqui Moly’s team. However, our delegated customer support and assistance from the team ensured that all initial concerns, obstacles, and doubts were catered to and dealt with promptly. The main aim was to make the process as smooth and hurdle-free as possible for the client’s team and customers alike.

Liqui Moly’s prime concern was the inefficiency and lack of transparency in their delivery process. The company was scheduled to handle around 40-50 deliveries of motor oil to various workshops per day. However, they were using incompetent methods of delivery, which was troublesome for their management and also for customer satisfaction. For instance, there was no reliable method to track drivers or the route they were taking to manage deliveries. This was a restriction on monitoring the efficiency of the delivery process and a lack of accountability on the delivery personnel, which often resulted in wastage of fuel on longer routes, late delivery times, and customer dissatisfaction. The company was using GPS trackers that were attached to vehicles. While this approach allowed them to track their drivers’ routes, there was no way to link them to the locations or points of delivery. 

Shipox concluded that our features such as Route Optimization, Driver Application, Real-time Tracking, and the Heat Map would be of most benefit to them. The DMS would help them to track all their delivery personnel in real-time in order to make sure that all orders are delivered in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the Route Optimization feature helps to determine the best route to take in order to save time, fuel, and delivery costs. Moreover, the team would also be able to assign orders to drivers and keep an eye on the entire delivery process till its final stage. The Heat Map would also allow them to keep track of which areas were generating the most orders so that they can optimize and allocate their resources accordingly. Integration with their CRM also meant that their customers could now be notified about the status of their delivery via SMS notifications. Overall, the journey was full of new challenges and multiple dedicated efforts, but all these eventually resulted in the successful implementation of the Shipox DMS into the company’s system and operations.


Liqui Moly was able to acknowledge very soon in the process that the integration of the Shipox DMS was a source of improved management and customer satisfaction for them. They were able to use the software to update their existing processes while keeping true to their company values of humanity, sustainability, and quality management at the same time. The company is now planning to make use of more features of the software in order to upgrade and automate many other aspects of their distribution process as well.