Last Mile Delivery - Complete Guide for 2022 - Shipox DMS

2022 has brought over new demands for last mile delivery. With the increase in the trend for ordering online, customer demands have also increased in the same manner. This includes everything from contactless deliveries, increased transparency, same day deliveries, constant updates, flexible delivery options, sustainable deliveries, and a lot more. If companies fail to keep up with these trends in last mile delivery – they are bound for failure. 

What is last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery is considered to be the last step or the last leg of delivery operations. It is the journey of a delivery package from the warehouse to the customer. It is a very important step of the delivery journey because the customer is directly involved in this process. All kinds of issues that can occur in this process can result in decreased customer sentiments and low morale. Moreover, if not managed properly, last mile delivery can also be very expensive, and can result in a financial burden for the company. 

What are the different issues that can be faced when managing last mile deliveries?

Here are some of the most common challenges that companies can face when they try to manage last mile deliveries ih-house:

  • Inability to deliver on time
  • Increasing contribution towards environmental pollution
  • Poor logisitcs visibility
  • Lack of updates
  • Inability to make the process transparent
  • Decreasing customer experience
  • High financial costs

A last mile delivery management software can help resolve these issues and make the delivery process much more efficient. You can read more about how last mile delivery costs can be reduced with the help of Shipox, here

What are the last mile delivery trends for 2022?

Last mile deliveries have been a key focal point for many companies. These trends are important to consider when making changes to the delivery operations in 2022 and beyond:

Real-time Visibility

Research reveals that more than 56% of the people who place online orders expect that the delivery process would be transparent and they would be able to keep track of their parcel. Customers feel secure and develop trust in the brand when they are able to locat where their parcel is, how far it is from arrival, and what the expected time of arrival would be. This helps them stay prepared to receive it. 

Sustainable Delivery Operations

More than 31% of respondents to a survey claimed that they were willing to pay more money in return for availing sustainable and eco-friendly deliveries. Last mile deliveries can be made green in many ways. Companies like Amazon are already looking up ways to reduce the toxicity of exhaust fumes from vehicles, and make the last mile delivery process less harmful to the environment. 

AI for Efficient Deliveries

Artifical intelligence has improved a plethora of different aspects of our lives. It is expected to do the same of last mile deliveries. The use of drones for pizza delivery is already under testing, and will be adopted by other delivery companies. After some work is done to eliminate possible loopholes and hazards, drone deliveries will be the trend. Amazon is investing in an automatic driving vehicle that can efficiently deliver orders as well. 

Rapid Order Fulfillment

This has always been a trend, but it is now becoming the most important one. Same day deliveries need to be made as efficient as possible. Customers do not appreciate even minor delays. A complete logistics management software has all the tools and features that are necessary to cater to such demands. 

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