Is Your Delivery Management Software Missing Essential Features

Delivery management software is now trending. This is because with each passing day, customer demand for convenience increases. With the revolution in technological advancement, consumers want same day deliveries. According to a survey, more than 53% of people claimed that they would choose a brand that offers same day delivery, compared to a brand that would offer delivery after even 2 days. This is why delivery companies are now using delivery management software. 

However, there are so many different kinds of software available in the market. Each software markets and claims itself as being the best option. Companies often worry about which delivery management software would be the best choice for their business. 

There are some essential features that you must consider when choosing a delivery management software for your business. Here are some of them:

Smart Route Optimization 

Many delivery management software offer route optimization. However, this feature must be provided with the latest technological incorporation. It will not suffice if these features are just provided with backward and traditional tools. Nowadays, the best delivery management softwares is providing smart route optimization. This feature has the capability to make smart predictions of the most convenient and profitable route. It takes into account multiple features like the weather, traffic congestion, road health, vehicle heath, fuel, etc into account. It does not simply map out the shortest route, but also the most profitable and convenient one. 

Proof Of Delivery

As drivers have to take care of completing several orders in a day, it is hard for them to keep track of each delivery’s success and health. Proof of delivery is essential for companies to be aware of whether orders have been successfully delivered on time. This helps them keep track of the driver performance and make the relevant improvements and amendments in the delivery process. Moreover, proof of delivery is also important in order to prevent customers from making unnecessary claims that the items were damaged or not delivered on time. Proof of delivery helps both parties stay secure when it comes to delivery.

Live Tracking of Orders

Your delivery process must be transparent in order for it to be successful. Traditional ways of GPS tracking or placing monitors on vehicles, etc are old. Your delivery management software must have the ability to generate live order location and share this link with the customers automatically. ETA or estimated time of arrival must also be a part of this feature, in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Reporting and Analytics

Your delivery management software must have a dashboard with complete generation of reports and analytics. This will prevent lots of time wastage in manual reporting and understanding these reports. Automated data analysis will cover many different aspects of delivery performance, and help make profitable decisions. 

Automatic Order Allocation

Most delivery management software do not have the feature of automated order allocation. This is essential because without this feature, managers will have to spend long hours trying to allocate multiple orders. This can lead to manual errors such as mismanagement, wrong  data entry, missing out customer demands, etc. Automatic order allocation will ensure that drivers are allotted orders in a fair and secure manner as well. 
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