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The real-time tracking or real-time visibility feature is very important for delivery management operations since it allows users to minimize risks and ensure the best quality of their delivery performance. 

Yet, many businesses and startups are hesitant to decide if Delivery management systems are really with investing in. Research suggests that over 27% of business managers are aware of what real-time tracking is, but they are not sure if it is worth investing in. 

Here is a list of benefits of using real-time tracking that may help benefit your delivery operations:

Is Real-Time Visibility Worth Investing
  1. Cost-Effectiveness:

One of the main ways in which the real-time tracking feature reduces spending is by reducing the overall transportation costs. When the entire order cycle can be tracked, you can ensure that drivers are following the shortest and most convenient route. This helps reduce idle times and prevents unnecessary long route diversions. This enables you to save fuel and overall transportation costs by a lot. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience:

Customer experience plays a vital role in determining the success of your business. More than 37% of business owners believe that it is a great competitor differentiator. A delivery that is timely and keep the customer updated is most likely to make customers order again. The real-time tracking feature enables customers to stay updated about their order whereabouts at all times, which builds the factor of trust and loyalty. Moreover, it also allows you to incorporate last-minute customer demands in your delivery process. This is an added advantage that you can offer your customer base, setting you apart from the competition.

  1. Regulatory Compliance: 

Delivery management comes with the added responsibility of ensuring that all government protocols and laws, such as those relating to traffic laws, environmental protection, and transportation. Drivers are most likely to abide by all these regulations and rules due to the entire delivery route being monitored by the management. This ensures that potential fines or tickets are avoided and the delivery process is completely lawful and efficient. 

  1. Elimination of Risks:

One of the major advantages of technology is that it gives us the power to eliminate risks by smartly making a lot of future predictions. In delivery management, we can use the real-time tracking feature to predict whether some routes have extra traffic, if there are chances of accidents, if the route needs to be changed due to some alteration of circumstances, and much more. This enables you to have your drivers change their routes at any point of the delivery and complete the task in due time. 

The Shipox Real-time Tracking feature allows users to track their drivers and order journey from the point of order creation to the very last step of the way. The feature allows you to track the drivers in these ways: 

Is Real-Time Visibility Worth Investing
  • You can look up the present and past GPS logs for any of the drivers
  • Each driver’s GPS coordinates are logged every minute and stored for later review
  • The driver’s entire route throughout the day will be drawn onto the map

You can learn more about how the Real-time Tracking feature works here

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