Electronic Proof Of Delivery : What is the Importance

Proof of delivery is considered to be a highly important component of any delivery management process. It is very important in order to ensure that the delivery operations are reliable in nature and that both parties, including the seller and the buyer, are aware of the need for reliable proof of delivery. In today’s world, electronic proof of delivery is trending and is in immense demand.  

What is electronic proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery traditionally involved a document or paper that needed to be signed by the receiver as a token of confirmation and acceptance that the parcel has been received by them. Now, electronic proof of delivery works on similar lines, but instead of using documents, the system uses electronic or digital signatures and other forms of proofs. It can record the time and date of reception, and also the location for the same. It is used to legally record the completion of a delivery process or the delays or incompletion in the conduct of operations.  

Why is electronic proof of delivery important?

Electronic proof of delivery is considered to be a very valuable aspect of the delivery management process due to a number of different factors. Here are some of these reasons:

  • The most important of these reasons is that it is very important for customer experience and for the development of customer loyalty. Electronic proof of delivery helps clients to build a more trusting relationship with the brand. 
  • Moreover, it is also beneficial for the sellers and the brands. This is because it can help brands to ensure and keep track of the progress of the delivery process and get proof of delivery to fulfill their responsibility with efficiency. 
  • Proof of delivery is also important in order to increase the transparency and efficiency of the delivery process. This is because it helps the delivery maangers to become informed regarding the exact time of the delivery completion. This means that the drivers and staff need to be proactive and responsible in their conduct. 
  • It plays a vital role in protecting the image and reputation of the brand itself. This is because there are often cases where customers post fake reviews online or make false accusations that they have not received their orders. With this feature, there is no space for such false acts. 
  • Proof of delivery also gives customers the benefit of returning or not accepting the packages or orders that have been delivered in a faulty state, are damaged or are not fit to be accepted in one way or the other. With electronic proof of delivery, customers can actually mention the reason for not accepting the order so that no uncertainty or issues arise once the order has been accepted. 
  • Moreover, it is an even better and more refined version of the traditional method. This is because it is more convenient than signing a paper document and the signature of acceptance is recorded in a more secure way, notifying the manager regarding the completion of the process directly. 
  • Electronic proof of delivery encourages successful deliveries by keeping the sentiments and potential concerns of both, sellers, and clients in the loop. 

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