5 Ways To Enhance Your Delivery Success Rate - Shipox DMS

The main goal of all businesses is to be able to satisfy their customers by providing them with quality products at competitive prices within the committed time. Not being able to cater to all these aspects leads to unhappy customers. With the demands of the customers rising each day, it can be a  very daunting task for businesses to meet the delivery expectations. This is where the delivery success rate comes into place.  

The delivery success rate is really important as it helps increase customer retention. Getting new customers should not be the focus of the business. But businesses should also be able to retain old customers. Research conducted concluded that 38% of customers would not shop from the same store again if they had a bad experience with the delivery. Timely deliveries help in giving the customer a good positive experience and it also results in improving the brand reputation. Small delays in deliveries can negatively impact the experience of the customer and also result in customer dissatisfaction.  

Here’s how businesses shoot up their success rate:  

1. Optimize Delivery Routes:  

Cumbersome route optimization results in delayed deliveries. It also negatively impacts the productivity of the rider because of high driving time. A delivery management system allows automated route planning so that the deliveries can reach on time making the customer happy.  

2. Prioritize Deliveries:  

Businesses must take a systematic approach to managing orders. They must prioritize deliveries in an accurate order. For order management, an automated system can be used. The algorithms can be set to look at the location, type, and size of order and time of delivery to digitally segregate and allocate resources accordingly so that timely deliveries are made.  

3. Enable Live Delivery Tracking:  

Allow real-time tracking for customers and managers. This allows both the customer and the manager to be aware of the status of the package. The manager won’t have to worry about the hiccups in delivery and the customer would also be aware of where their purchased good is.

4. Use EDI 

Electronic data interchange replaces old paperwork with electronic data. This allows businesses to get rid of paperwork which makes the process fast, It also allows a large amount of data to be processed simultaneously.  

5. Commit and Deliver:  

Delivering at a promised time is the biggest priority for customers in today’s day and age.  Integrating time windows with the route plans can lead to happy customers as customers get their products in the promised time. Algorithms assign the right orders to the right resources at the right time. This results in accuracy, reliability, precision, and a happy customer. 

Following these tips can help increase the delivery success rate and help businesses bloom and generate profit. The output would also be a happily satisfied customer base. To learn more about Shipox, sign up here for a quick demo.