4 Challenges That Your Last Mile Delivery Software Can Resolve

Last mile delivery software is highly in demand. Last mile deliveries are considered to be full of a variety of different challenges. It is crucial for this part of the delivery journey to be free from errors. This is because last mile deliveries have a direct impact on customer experience. If these deliveries are not managed properly, they can result in financial losses, lack of efficiency, and a variety of other issues. 

Last mile deliveries can be subject to a variety of challenges. Companies often try to mitigate these challenges and errors by hiring different managers, and agencies, or buying different tools and features. While these may help cater to some issues, there is no complete solution for all the other potential issues that may arise. 

Last mile delivery software helps resolve a variety of different issues. Here are some of the main challenges that a last mile delivery software can help resolve:

Inability to make the delivery journey transparent

One of the greatest customer demands now is to be involved in a transparent delivery process. In fact, research shows that more than 56% of the people who order online actually want to be aware of every step of the last mile delivery. Traditional ways of using GPS or messaging customers about the order being dispatched, are no longer applicable. With the help of a last mile delivery software, real time tracking or real time visibility is made possible. Customers are able to use a link to track their order, get the estimated time of delivery, and be aware of any mishaps that might occur along the way.

Lack of customer experience

Customer experience is negatively impacted when deliveries are delayed, inefficient, or if they are mismanaged. Customers expect orders to be delivered within due time and for them to be aware of when they would arrive. They want the last mile delivery process to be flexible and accurate. These can be made possible by a last mile delivery software which can act as an all in one platform, with the availability of many features and tools. This can ensure that all customer requests are handled and incorporated. Moreover, these software can help capture customer feedback in a better way. This helps to make improvements. 

Miscommunication and manual errors

Last mile delivery is a complicated process and involves the input of different teams. Internal communication among these teams can be chaotic and can result in mismanagement and the capturing of wrong and incorrect information. It can create errors and cause inefficiency in the delivery process. These errors can be fixed by using delivery management software. Most of the last mile operations are automated, such as order allocation, sending notifications, etc. 

Delays in delivery completion

When it comes to last mile deliveries, punctuality is the key. Over 14.2% of the people who participated in a survey in the UAE claimed that they refuse to accept orders that have been delivered late or have caused them inconvenience. You may lose customers permanently. With a last mile delivery software, features like real time tracking, route optimization, fleet management, and constant communication can help make the delivery process efficient and punctual. 

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