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Installation guide

1. Unzip and upload the plugin files to the website using dashboard/FTP

2. Select your instance

  • For Shipox Instance please select instance 1

3. On the right menu, go to the Shipox Menu.

There are 4 tabs with named as Service Configuration, Merchant Credentials, Merchant Address Details, and Order Settings:

Wordpress Woocommerce Integration

  • Debug Mode – It is a TEST or LIVE version of the plugin, No: LIVE version, Yes: TEST version;
  • Auto Push – It can push the orders to the Shipox, after immediately received a new order.

The second tab is named as Merchant Credentials:

Wordpress Woocommerce Integration

  • Enter your Shipox Credentials and Click Get Token. After that, you will be notified that you have successfully logged in.
  • Then, click the Save Changes Button

Merchant Address Details Tab:

Wordpress Woocommerce Integration

  • Fill all fields, all fields are required except Postcode and details
  • Latitude & Longitude Field is important so do not forget to fill it.
  • Click the Save Changes Button

Order Settings Tab:

Wordpress Woocommerce Integration

  • International Order Availability – If you store have an international order, please select Available
  • Default Weight – is weight information of the order to push the Shipox. By default, it calculates the weight of each product of the order.
  • Default Courier Type – By default selected one or some needed courier types as default courier type. It will be used on AUTO PUSH
  • Default Payment Option – It depends on Agreement with Shipox. According to DMS Company Agreement, you need to select Credit Balance or Cash.

Above settings will be considered based on the agreement with DMS Company

4. If you want to disable packages from Shipox on your Checkout Page. Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipox. Enable/Disable to show the Checkout Page.  

Wordpress Woocommerce Integration

5. Orders Page:

  • To push the order to the Shipox (when AutoPush disabled or didn’t push the order automatically for some reasons) you can select Ship with Shipox Status and save the order
  • After that, any response can be shown on the Order Notes Section as follows:

Wordpress Woocommerce Integration


You will get success message and the Default Courier Type field will have values, if not: Make sure that credentials you were provided are right. Make sure that this account in proper instance (Test mode or not). Ask from provider company manager to check login\password.

Separate by comma without spaces; fill this field like {latitude},{longitude}.

Ask your provider company managers to activate Credit balance for your account.

Yes, it is required field, Service types are packages for delivery, they have estimate price. There can be several reasons why you don’t have any service types field values:

  • Your credentials may be wrong;
  • In provider system you don’t have any packages or there are rules that conflict with your configurations.

In Shipox plugin settings find Service Configuration tab and select off in Auto push field. Then you will have Create Shipox order button in order edit page.

If you get package price not found error:
  • Check package rules in Shipox dashboard if you have any package rules.
  • If package rules are created check if conditions do not conflict with your request locations or customer account.
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