Lose Customers Without A Delivery Management Software

Delivery management software are highly in demand in todays time. This is because the trend and demand for online deliveries is now on the rise, and is only expected to grow in the future. With the convenience that online deliveries bring to the lives of consumers and the growth in technological updates, most businesses are now opting for online deliveries, regarding of which niche they belong to. 

As there is a rise in demand for deliveries, there are also a lot of demands regarding the quality of these delivery processes. Customers are now demanding efficient, same day deliveries, with regular updates and without any errors in understanding customer requirements. There are a lot of aspects that are taken into consideration when the consumer sits down to judge how the delivery process was executed, and based on this experience, whether or not they would be shopping or ordering again, and whether they would be recommending your brand to another person. 

4 out of 7 business owners claimed that if a delivery management software is not used for handling deliveries in today’s time, there are very high chances that a business will begin to lose customers.

Here are some of the main reasons why not using a delivery management software for your business operations can actually result in you losing customers:

Consistent manual errors

With online deliveries, there is usually an influx of orders, especially during some times of the year such as the holiday seasons, and such. It is not manually possible to keep track of all these business processes and to carry them out efficiently. Manual errors in fulfilling customer requirements, order allocation, data analysis, providing customer feedback, and many other aspects result in a low level of customer satisfaction and delivery success. 

Lack of accountability

Withou a software or some form of technologically updated tool, there is no real way to keep an eye on the productivity and efficiency of drivers and the overall business operations. Lack of accountability leads to a lot of issues in the delivery process, including failed deliveries, delayed deliveries, poor customer dealing, and other issues. 

Improper communication

Delivery processes require a lot of cross-communication, such as that among the customers and the company, the managers and the fleet, the fleet and the customers, etc. The more parties are involved in the delivery process, for example in logistics management, the more issues there are regarding improper communication. 

Delayed or missed deliveries

These can be caused due to multiple reasons, for example lack of management in the process of assigning or delivering orders, inability to track the right routes for timely delivery, improper data capturing and relaying, such as details about the location for delivery, etc. Sometimes, when customers are not available to receive orders, they may cancel or return them. 

Lack of proper updates

Failed deliveries due to the unavailability of the customer can simply be avoided by keeping customers constantly updated regarding their order location and when they can expect to receive their orders. Moreover, this constant updating also makes them feel an integral part of the delivery process, valued and involved by the brand. This increases the rate of customer satisfaction.

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