Why a Delivery Management System is a Worthwhile Investment - Shipox DMS

Your e-commerce business undeniably relies on the success of delivery fulfillments and all the aspects related to it. Lead time, on-demand deliveries, parcel mixups, and delivery costs are the many different aspects that need to be taken care of when operating an online retail service. 

The rise in online shopping is evident and there is no doubt in the fact that the trend is only going to grow greater than it already is. However, businesses are adapting to these rapid delivery needs and taking onboard effective delivery management systems that assist and streamline the delivery process and overall business a great deal. 

If you are invested in the e-commerce industry and want to achieve efficient delivery processes, here are the many reasons why you should invest in a delivery management system. 

The Automation Advantage

The first greatest advantage of investing in a delivery management system is that it eliminates the need to perform tedious tasks and uses important human resources in performing those manually. A good delivery management system will provide you with error-free, and streamlined automated functioning features that make the entire delivery process quicker, scalable, and cheaper.

Tracking 24×7

Delivery management systems enable you to track your fleet at any given time from anywhere. It builds a secure connection between your device and every vehicle and delivery personnel so that you can monitor and control operations more smoothly and efficiently. 

Package Tracking

Customers can benefit from tracking their packages through online methods and know exactly when their goods will reach them. In the absence of a delivery management system, customers are rendered blinded without any clue of consignment arrival or package delivery details. 

On-Demand Delivery 

Customers now enjoy making use of on-demand delivery and deciding what time and place they wish their goods to be delivered. Delivery management systems allow businesses to provide this service to their customers, increasing customer satisfaction and retention in return.

Notifications and Updates 

You can send push notifications and delivery updates to your customers through your delivery management systems. Sophisticated delivery management systems come along with features that allow drivers to send advance notifications to customers of their arrivals so that the chances of missing out on a parcel are minimized which as a result, saves cost and time, eliminating double deliveries etc. 

Analysis of Delivery Routes

An efficient delivery management system will provide you with an accurate analysis of your most to least business generating zones. Delivery management systems are designed to provide businesses with a thorough analysis that helps them allocate resources accordingly. Businesses then invest higher amounts of resources in areas generating the most business and vice versa.

Resource Optimization

Delivery management systems help businesses reach optimal resource utilization. They provide analysis and methods to utilize resources in manners that maximize profitability and productivity. The use of delivery management systems saves time and costs and helps businesses succeed.

Invoice and Billing Management 

Investing in a delivery management system can help you with your invoicing and billing tasks as well. The built-in automated features assist in generating invoices for all customer accounts and also with the Cash-on-Delivery management. This automated financial process encourages the maintenance of healthy balance sheets and effective management of liabilities.

Detailed Reporting

An important feature of delivery management systems is the reporting element. Since a delivery management system is responsible for all your business’ delivery-related agendas, it is capable of providing detailed reports of delivery operations, costs, profits, time, etc which helps you in making critical business decisions.

No Reason Not to Invest in a Delivery Management System!

Delivery management systems are the need of the hour, especially for e-commerce businesses. If you wish to maintain a streamlined delivery chain that runs on minimum errors and maximum profitability and productivity, then investing in a delivery management system is your best bet. Give our amazing delivery management system Shipox a shot and let it take care of all the delivery management hassles. From the point of order placement to the last mile and even through the last minute, Shipox works through its efficient automated features to make deliveries faster, and more economical for businesses. If you own an e-commerce business and have minimal or even large-scale delivery services, Shipox is all you need to fix everything up and ship to your customers in no time.