What Is The Heat Map And How Can It Improve Your Finances? - Shipox DMS

Delivery management has become a very important part of the E-Commerce industry. With the increase in the number of online deliveries, delivery management systems have developed and adopted a variety of features to improve the delivery process and make it more efficient. 

One such feature is the heat map. Let’s take a look at what it really is:

What Is The Heat Map And How Can It Improve Your Finances?

What is the Heap Map?

The Heap Map is a feature that enables delivery management software to determine which areas or zones are generating the most amount of orders. The software uses the data based on previously placed orders to decipher which zones produce which amount of orders. This enables users to identify which neighborhoods are generating the most amount of orders. This way, they can optimize and allocate resources based on the number of orders. They can also filter the results based on location source type, customer or date range. Users can then make informed decisions based on this data.

Can The Heat Map Help Improve Profitability?

The heat map does not only make the delivery process easier and efficient, it also contributes towards optimizing costs and increase the business profitability. Here are some ways in which the heat map can improve yout finances:

What Is The Heat Map And How Can It Improve Your Finances?

Optimization of Resources: 

The heat map enables users to optimize resources by providing detailed data regarding which zones are most active and which are dormant at the same time. In order to increase your profits, you must reduce extra spending. With the information provided by the heat map, you can allocate more delivery vehicles and personnel in the locations where there are most chances of activity. 

Increase in Efficiency: 

Delivery processes have more than 53% chance of becoming delayed if the drivers are far away and have to take longer routes to reach the destination. Moreover, there is also the possibility of a lack of staff being allocated to areas where most orders are being generated. The heat map allows users to appoint most resources in the active zones, making the delivery process more efficient, and thereby increasing customer loyalty. 

Smart Predictability: 

Calamities and disasters can be negated with the smart prediction of what to avoid and what to adopt. The heat map also allows users to determine which seasons or times have the most orders from which locations. This can help allocate resources efficiently during the holiday season, or certain special dates or times of the year. You can also predict which areas have the least orders and not spend unnecessary resources to cater to those regions. 

Reduction in Spending: 

The heat map enables users to reduce spending by optimizing costs and resources efficiently. One of the most prominent ways in which this can happen is through the reduction in the costs of fuel and transportation that is otherwise spent in traveling long distances or traveling to dormant locations. You can also save by spending less on hiring extra staff in locations where there are fewer orders. 

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