Connection Between Route Optimization and Sustainability

What is route optimization?

Route optimization is also known as route planning or route mapping. It is the process of using technology to map out a route that is either cost effective or less time consuming, and can succeed in carrying out deliveries in the most efficient manner. In short, route optimization is the process of finding out the best possible route for successfully carrying out multiple deliveries. 

What is sustainability? 

When it comes to the environment, sustainability refers to the efforts and processes which are aimed at maintaining ecological balance and making use of resources in the most environmentally friendly manner. It comprises green business operations. 

What is the connection between route optimization and sustainability?

There are many speculations regarding the possible connection between route optimization and sustainability. With increasing awareness and preference of customers to avail green products and services, businesses are now working hard to change the way they operate. 

This especially applies to delivery businesses. This is because reports show that more than 48% of the environmental pollution is being caused by CO2 emissions and harmful exhaust from vehicle fuel. Delivery businesses contribute towards harmful exhaust fumes because they use a lot of vehicles for delivering orders over long routes and distances. Many delivery businesses are now planning to revamp and restructure their operations in order to become more responsible towards the environment and to meet the need of the hour. 

However, making delivery operations sustainable can not simply be achieved by good planning. Delivery companies should take real life and practical measures to make sure that the delivery operations are actually environmentally friendly. One of the best ways is to use route optimization software that also has the same vision of achieving delivery success as your brand does. 

Here is how smart and technologically updated route optimization can help make delivery operations sustainable and environmentally friendly….

Route optimization software is known for mapping out and identifying the shortest and most efficient delivery routes possible. This means that when multiple deliveries to different locations need to be conducted, this software helps to create a plan that figures out the shortest way that can ensure that the most number of orders are delivered in a single go without having to travel back and forth. This is because the more a vehicle covers the same distance multiple times, the more fuel it will consume, and this same fuel will also result in the production of harmful exhaust fumes. These fumes result in a lot of pollution and environmental degradation.

Moreover, research also reveals that when there is traffic congestion or some other reason due to which a vehicle stays still in one spot and does not move about, there is a higher rate of fuel consumption, and this produces even more toxicity in the environment. Smart route optimization software works in real time, which means that they can identify or predict certain elements such as bad weather or roads being under construction, or traffic congestion. This limits the chances of vehicles being stuck in one place for longer time durations, and therefore the fuel being consumed by them. In this manner, route optimization software can help make delivery operations sustainable. 

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