What is a Food Delivery Management Software - Shipox DMS

You must have heard of food delivery management software many times before, and while you might have some idea of what it is, you must be wanting to know more. The global food and beverage industry is expected to grow at the rate of 6.1% annually. This is mainly because of the convenience in lives that online food deliveries have made. The food and beverage industry has been rapidly growing and therefore, customer demands and expectations from such a booming industry are also growing at the same time. 

So, what is a Food Delivery Management Software?

A food delivery management software is also known as a food delivery software and in terms of a simple definition, it is an aggregator of a restaurant’s third party delivery platforms. It offers a multitude of tools and features that are helpful in providing automation and efficiency to your business. It is crucial for streamlining the operations of food businesses. 

How does a Food Delivery Management Software work?

A food delivery software is a platform where multiple tools for delivery management are available together and each of these work to improve different aspects of the delivery process. It is an all in one solution for all delivery management needs. It works by automating the delivery process of a business and reducing manual operations to a great extent. They encourage business growth by streamlining business operations. 

What types of businesses can use it?

A food delivery software is suitable and also essential for use for all business types, from SMEs to larger enterprises. It can provide benefits to all types of food businesses, such as restaurants, clout kitchens, virtual kitchens and ghost kitchens as well. Different FMCG companies can also make use of these software for handling their food related business operations. Smaller restaurants and cafes such as coffee shops or food businesses that operate from home and are small entrepreneurial startups can also benefit from a food delivery software. Good food delivery softwares such as Shipox will be able to customize their services according to the size and nature of each particular business. 

What features does it have?

Features of food delivery management software vary from each software to another. The best delivery management software is one that has all capabilities present on a single platform or in one place. This eases business and managerial operations and enables companies to focus more on the quality of their product and their customer service, as well as plans for growth of their business. 

What is a Food Delivery Management Software

A competent food delivery software has the following features, and much more:

  • Drivers’ Application
  • Real-time Visibility
  • Heat Map
  • White-labeled Application
  • Customized branding 
  • Route Optimization
  • Data Analytics
  • COD Management

Why does your business need it?

The need for automated and efficient deliveries is not just a formality or an additional benefit in today’s world – it has become essential. Customer satisfaction is the most essential key for beating the competition in the market and enabling your brand to make it to the top. It is said to increase business efficiency by more than 60% and creates room for growth by at least 40%. In short, your business needs a delivery management software because all your top competitors are already using one!

Shipox is a data-driven Delivery Management Platform that enables its users across a multitude of diverse industries to avail market competitive features and customer support in order to automate and perfect their delivery process. Shipox users are able to increase the efficiency of their delivery process, optimize their costs effectively, and enhance their customer experiences. To learn more, you can sign up for a quick demo here.