Value Grab Opportunities of Using a DMS - Shipox DMS

With e-commerce on the rise and more and more customers inclined towards making online purchases, the traditional shopping methods are slowly becoming extinct. Groceries, apparel, gadgets, and much more are now possible to have at your doorstep instead of making a trip to the market. E-commerce has provided customers with the luxury of shopping from anywhere, eliminating the hassle of making those runs physically. 

The online shopping culture is thriving, and the credit goes entirely to the efficient management of operations involved in the process. A “shop online” option is only as good as the delivery management system (DMS) backing it up. 

What is a DMS?

Starting from the source of order till delivery, there are several steps involved for businesses that need to be taken care of. A delivery management system or DMS serves as a singular platform that streamlines all the different processes involved in assuring the correct transfer of goods from the business to the customer. A DMS can make working methods more efficient, quick, and economical. 

Why Should Businesses Use DMS?

There are numerous steps involved in the delivery of goods to customers. A minor error in any of these steps can cost the businesses in terms of time and money. Imagine what frequent mix-ups in customer orders will make a business look like:

  •  Customer receives a different product than what was actually ordered.
  •  Customer orders being lost.
  • Orders never being recorded or processed.
  • Lost customer information for delivery.
  • Untimely or late delivery of orders 
  • Double delivery of orders 
  • Unplanned routes for delivery areas

All these are a few examples of errors that can affect any business’s reputation. With on-demand delivery as the new mode of goods acquisition, customers expect highly from businesses they are investing in. Businesses use these expectations and transform these into customer’s loyalty with their efficient performance. This customer loyalty also equates the monetary and overall success that any business strives for. Any damage to this loyalty due to the problem areas discussed above can cost businesses hugely in both money and time. This is where a DMS comes in. 

Benefits of Using a DMS

A delivery management system can boost your business with faster deliveries, better resource management, reduction in wastage of time and costs, better allocation of resources, and eventually increasing customer satisfaction. DMS such as Shipox can guide your business towards better performance with its various offerings. 

Better Resource Management

An efficient DMS will help you manage your business resources more effectively. When it comes to deliveries, drivers serve as an integral business resource. Using a DMS you can receive updates in real-time. With Shipox DMS driver app, you can be continually in touch with your operations team and navigate your destinations while being in contact with the customers. With on-demand delivery communication with customers is important and Shipox helps you with that. You will also receive proof of delivery once it has been completed. 

Efficient Resource Allocation

With delivery management systems you can invest your resources more effectively towards high-return customers and zones creating more orders. When your business has an automated system providing you with figures of repetitive ordering customers and areas, it becomes easier to assign more resources in those rather than equal placement of resources in customer areas that don’t bring too much business. Heat map is a similar offering by Shipox through which you can define areas that produce major business so you can invest larger resources in those. 

Vigilance and Tracking

DMS provides you with the option of tracking and monitoring your vehicles at all times so you can manage your operations more smoothly. 

Convenience in COD 

A delivery management system can make cash on delivery management easier for you. The cash flow is constantly updated with online ordering and to bridge this gap of online recording and the acquisition of funds  Shipox ‘s liability management and finance dashboard can be very helpful. 

Streamlined Operations

Delivery management systems such as Shipox can enhance the smooth flow of operations within your business. Many DMS come with a dashboard system where day-to-day or period-wise operations of a business are laid out for better understanding and working. With an efficient DMS, businesses can track delivery performance, monitor orders that need to be dispatched, and ensure successful deliveries.

DMS for Efficient Delivery Operations 

Delivery management systems are the one-stop solution for many to all online delivery business problems. With fast-moving trends majorly relying on the online shopping concept, effective delivery management is more important than ever. With strong DMS, businesses can cater to their customers more efficiently and quickly, which is exactly the need of the hour.