Communication Settings - Shipox DMS
To set up the communication settings so that the system can automatically trigger SMS, Emails or Push notifications based on Targets or Events.

Step 1 – Go to the settings page in the main menu

Communication Settings


Step 2 – Select the communications settings option

Communication Settings


Step 3 – Select the options Target (sender, recipient, driver etc) or Events (Dispatched, out for delivery, Picked up etc)

Communication Settings Communication Settings


Step 4 – Select the Status or Target you want to add the message for

Communication Settings


Step 5 – Fillup the details and submit

Communication Settings

1. The name of the message, for your reference in the settings page.

2. This will be the name under which the recipient receives the SMS in their phone. eg – SHIPOXAPP.

3. Type the message you want to send. This can include free text, variables and date methods.

4. The variables to be added to the message. E.g. the order  link, tracking link or any data that has to be pulled from  the actual order

5. The formats for the functions in date and time


Note – Check for examples of templates