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The pandemic has caused major changes in all industries globally. Logistics and transport have been affected in a way that lockdowns have created a demand for contract fewer deliveries. The after-effects of the pandemic are causing the birth of unexpected trends in 2021. A prediction by PwC has shown that there should be an investment in warehousing, infrastructure, and digitization. 

5 logistics and transportation trends to look out for in 2021: 

Top 5 Transportation and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2021

 1. A demand for zero-emission transport:  

With climate change in action. With the efforts to cut down CO2 emissions into play, it has to be highlighted that the transport sector makes up 28.2% of greenhouse gas emissions. This means that there will be a shift towards automated vehicles which will help cut down gas emissions and be cost-effective at the same time.  

2. Digital Simulation: 

Digital simulations will be able to model the supply chain. This will allow an insight into figuring opportunities and risks. The digital twins also hold the ability to get live updates of the information which helps manage operations and unplanned risks are mitigated. Worst-case scenarios can be tested without risking operations or wasting resources. The combination of supply chain towers with digital twins gives businesses the ability for real-time monitoring from one place.  

3. AI at play: 

The ability to do manual tasks automatically will improve efficiency. AI will help improve planning,  optimize fuel consumption and also create substantial inventory optimization.  

4. Demand for Drones:  

Last-mile delivery has continued to become more challenging and expensive. There has been a  lookout for a way in which orders can be completed timely. That is where drones come into play.  Delivery through drones will be a favored mode of delivery as it will improve efficiency and reduce gas emissions and costs. 

5: Driver Shortage:  

The coming decade will require 1.1 million drivers. And this number will increase with the increased delivery requirements of the customer. There are not enough young drivers to cater to the requirement. A way that can be catered to would be by hiring female drivers. Businesses need to stay on top of the trends to stay relevant in heaps of competition. helps businesses keep on top of the trends. Businesses should invest in delivery management software to keep on top of the trends, help generate revenue and grow.

 Top 5 Transportation and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2021

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