Uploading orders through CSV

To upload multiple orders through CSV for other customers from the admin backend.

Step 1 – To upload the orders for the customer select Upload orders from the main menu


Step 2 – Select the customer from drop-down list and press submit


Step 3 – To create an international order, please uncheck the  Domestic order box and download the international order template.


Step 4 – Enter the customer details using the dropdown list in the template. Please note: The drop-down fields have to be chosen from the option in the drop-downs and not typed or pasted.  All the drop-down fields are mandatory and if not filled can result in the system not accepting the upload

Step 5 – Select and upload the template once the required details  are complete


Step 6 – Press publish button to publish, publish again and wait for the numbers in pending moves to created

NOTE – If the system is not responding, please download a fresh template from the system and fill again. If you are uploading orders which have the same sender location, then copy the filled up the first row and paste it in the number of rows corresponding to your orders in order to help in quick uploads