RTO process

To return a shipment back to the seller/sender/customer. This is done after the shipment delivery was unsuccessful or rejected

Step 1 – The shipment has to be the first batch updated as “in sorting warehouse”. This is to remove the shipment from the drivers’ name and to say it’s received in the warehouse.


Step 2 – The shipment has to then be batch updated again with status as “To be returned” and keep it aside


Step 3 – When returning the shipments batch update all the shipments to “Out for return” and assign it to a driver


Step 4 – When the shipments are returned back to the seller the driver can update as delivered from the driver app or it can be batch updated as “Returned to origin” from the admin backend


Note – A manifest can be used to take signatures upon return for bookkeeping. How to take a manifest? -> https://shipox.com/support/batch-orders-update