Order status and explanation

There are various statuses used to update orders. The most commonly used statuses during the operations are listed down below along with explanations

1. Unassigned – An order when first reaches the Shipox system will have this status.

2. Assigned to Courier – When there is “assign to supplier” rule the order gets updated with this status by default

3. Assign driver for pickup – This is to assign a pickup to a driver

4. Cancelled – When a pickup is not done and the client has cancelled the order. This status cannot be used after “picked up” scan

5. In sorting warehouse – When the physical shipment reaches the warehouse after pickup or transit or a failed delivery. This is basically used to say the shipment has reached the facility. It should be done to also remove the drivers’ name from the shipment.

6. Dispatched – This is used when the order is going out for delivery

7. In transit – When sending the shipment to or from a supplier backend. Use “custom supplier” to choose the destination supplier

8. To be returned – When a shipment is unsuccessful or rejected this scan can be done and set aside for the RTO process. This has to be done after an “in sorting warehouse” scan

9. Out for return – When an RTO shipment is sent back to the customer.

10. Returned to origin – When a shipment is returned back to the sender/customer.


How to do a batch orders update? –> https://shipox.com/support/batch-orders-update