Finance Settlements

This is to pay to the client the collected COD and invoice them for the delivery charge if any
1. Creating a transfer request

Step 1 – Go to the Finance settlements page in the admin backend


Step 2 – Select the customer and the date range

Step 3 – Select the orders to which the COD is transferred and create a transfer request


Step 4 – Fill in all the details and submit. The statement can be downloaded for mailing to the client.

2. Updating the transfer request

Step 1 – After the transfer request is created, Go to the Customer COD transfers page in the admin backend


Step 2 – A unique transfer request ID is created and will appear under “Pending”


Step 3 – Select the ID and choose the edit option to change the status of the request


Step 4 – The status can be used based on the accounts process followed.

  • Pending – When the transfer request is created
  • Approved – When the accounts team cross verify and approve the created request
  • Payment confirmation – When the payment is initiated to the client by the accounts team
  • Completed – When the client confirms they have received the transferred payment

Note – The User must have the roles “Role finance user, Role finance admin, Role finance payable, Role admin” to make the above changes