Customer account management

1. To update the settings and profile of your customers, click on the customers from the menu on the left side


2. Click on any of your users to make your changes


3. Details – Update the profile of your customer


4. Finance Settings – Update the finance settings of the customers


5. Contract Owner – Assign the contract owner for this  custome


6. Sales Person – Assign the sales person for this customer


7. Company – Update the company details & check the box below


8. Contract – Upload the contract agreed with the customer  for future reference


9. Delivery charge payment options – Update the charge  options you want to provide the customer


10. Credit Limit – Set the credit limit for the customer


11. Option to settle the due service charge – Invoice end of  the month or deduct from the COD


12. COD Fee – If you want to charge a COD handling fee for  the customer


13. Auto Dispatch setting- If you want to enable the option  of auto dispatch based on the package


14. Extra kg rate – If you want to charge customer for  additional kg


15. Bank transfer fee – If you want to charge the customer  bank transfer fee


16. Packages – Set custom rates for a specific customer


17. Communication Setting- Set custom communication  setting as per the customer requirement


18. Call timing settings – Set the call timing options for the  drivers to call the sender or recipient based on the  requirement of the customer