COD Transfers

To send the COD collected by the supplier to the admin user

Step 1 – Go to the Orders page under finance in the supplier backend


Step 2 – You can see all the finance information

  • To be collected – Orders yet to be delivered
  • With Driver – Orders delivered and cash with driver
  • COD Pending – The cash collected from the driver and with the suppliers’ cashier
  • Sent to Company – Cash for which a transfer request is created
  • Paid to Company – Cash which is received by the admin and has “Completed” the transfer request


Step 3 – To create a transfer request go to “COD Pending” tab


Step 4 – Select all the orders and  “Create COD Transfer Request” to create a transfer


Step 5 – Once the request is created the status can be viewed in COD transfers page

Step 6 – The request status will be updated by the admin team based on the payments received

  • Pending Review – The request once created lands here
  • Approved for Transfer – The request that has been approved by the admin team
  • Payment confirmation – To confirm payment is received
  • Order Completed – Updated as the request is complete

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