COD reconciliation

To collect the COD from the drivers in the supplier backend

Step 1 – Go to the Orders page under finance in the supplier backend


Step 2 – You can see all the finance information

  • To be collected – Orders yet to be delivered
  • With Driver – Orders delivered and cash with driver
  • COD Pending – The cash collected from the driver and with the suppliers’ cashier
  • Sent to Company – Cash for which a transfer request is created
  • Paid to Company – Cash which is received by the admin and has “Completed” the transfer request


Step 3 – To check the cash pending from a specific driver, go to “With Driver” tab and filter the page with that specific driver’s name.


Step 4 – Once the pending cash is received from the driver, select all the orders and  “COD collection status” to update as received



  • If there are any public service charge collected by cash from the recipient or sender the amount DOESN’T show up as pending with driver. Please calculate manually