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Shopify Integration
Shopify Integration
Shopify Integration


Shopify Integration

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Shopify Integration

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Shopify Integration

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Installation guide

1. Go to the and install the plugin like other Shopify plugins. 2. Select your instance:
  • For Shipox Instance please select Instance 1
3. Enter your SHIPOX credentials and login to the plugin at first.
4. Go to the Settings and Configure the plugin.

Service Settings:

Shopify Integration
  • Test Mode should be NO, if you are pushing Real orders
  • International Availability should be YES if you have International Shipping

Merchant Settings:

Shopify Integration
  • Fill your details including Phone number, City and Latitude & Longitude
  • Latitude & Longitude is a mandatory field, so be sure, you have filled this field

Order Settings:

Shopify Integration
  • Select Default Weight, If your products have their weight information, just select Calculate by Products’ Weight
  • AUTO PUSH – should be disabled, when you don’t want to push your orders to the Shipox without your awareness

Go to Orders menu of the plugin and you can your order list there:

Shopify Integration Check the list of orders or go to the details and click the Create Shipox Order button to push the orders to the Shipox

Frequently Asked Question

How does the free trial works?

The free trial gives you 15 days to test Shipox out and get a feel for how it works. It’s very simple to sign up for a trial, and no credit card is required. In the trial you can upload your own data that will roll over to your account once you start your subscription.

Can I extend my free trial period?

During your 15-day trial you can request to extend your trial period using the option within your account in Shipox.

What if I signed up for a trial account but it has since expired?

After your trial expires, you can still log in and use all the features apart of order creation. To continue creating orders you need to add your billing details.

How do I pay my subscription bill?

As a Shipox customer you are automatically charged once a month on the date you started your subscription. Your subscription is charged at the end of your billing cycle and will immediately appear on your billing account.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept debit, credit cards only.

Do I have to pay fees for setting up?

Yes, we do charge a separate fee for setting up.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, while we’d hate to see you go, you can cancel the subscription at any time.