Shopify Integration - Shipox DMS


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Installation guide

1. Go to the and install the plugin like other Shopify plugins.

2. Select your instance:

  • For Shipox Instance please select Instance 1

3. Enter your SHIPOX credentials and login to the plugin at first.

4. Go to the Settings and Configure the plugin.

Service Settings:

Shopify Integration   

  • Test Mode should be NO, if you are pushing Real orders
  • International Availability should be YES if you have International Shipping

Merchant Settings:

Shopify Integration

  • Fill your details including Phone number, City and Latitude &
  • Latitude & Longitude is a mandatory field, so be sure, you have
    filled this field

Order Settings:

Shopify Integration

  • Select Default Weight, If your products have their weight information, just select Calculate by Products’ Weight
  • AUTO PUSH – should be disabled, when you don’t want to push your orders to the Shipox without your awareness

Go to Orders menu of the plugin and you can your order list there:

Shopify Integration

Check the list of orders or go to the details and click the Create Shipox Order button to push the orders to the Shipox


Ask your provider company managers to activate Credit balance for your account.

Yes, it is required field, Carrier options also known as Service types are packages for delivery, they have estimate price. There can be several reasons why you don’t have any carrier options field values:

  • Your credentials may be wrong;
  • In provider system you don’t have any packages or there are rules that conflict with your configurations.
In Magento V2 Shipox plugin there is no implementation for such case.
If you get package price not found error:
  • Check package rules in Shipox dashboard if you have any package rules.
  • If package rules are created check if conditions do not conflict with your request locations or customer account.