Shipox Features Update - July 22nd, 2022 - Shipox DMS

Shipox tech team would like to share the following updates on the product server for the last month: 

1. Incomplete Orders 

Many Clients complain about the order loss while pushing orders via API or receiving orders via Integration. This new “Incomplete Orders” page on the left menu is expected to be the solution for all complaints related to order loss. There will be a list of orders which are stuck in the system because of invalid data entry or problems in the system. These orders can be re-created by the retry option. How it works, when the user clicks the retry button the order creation form will open and show the missing data or invalid data on the form. In this stage, the user can fill in missing data or change the invalid data to correct one then create the order by clicking submit button 

2. Warehouse Coverage Area Phase – 1 

What advantage this new feature gives us, users can set specific coverage areas for warehouses when the order is created in these areas, the order’s pickup and delivery warehouse will be assigned automatically, and shown on the order description. 

In the first phase, selecting the coverage area of the warehouse is finished. How it works, in the warehouse info page, “Edit Coverage Area” button is added. When the user clicks this button the pop-up page is opened. The page contains a list of areas and neighborhoods and on the main side, there is a map view of the origin country. By selecting the area in the list, the user can set the coverage area of the warehouse and save it. 

3. CEQUENS SMS Integration 

New SMS integration is implemented with CEQUENS for Egyptian users 

4. Emirates Post Integration( For GCC to GCC ) – Now customers can use emirates post as 3PL for GCC to GCC shipments using this integration  

5. Reverse Order Salla Integration – Enhancement on Salla – Shipox integration to allow Salla merchants to create reverse shipments from the Salla dashboard. 

6. Aramex Integration Done Some Changes – 3P countries logic added to Aramex integration for all countries from GCC to GCC 

7. Order Map View Driver Filter by Area Bug Fix And Some Changes 

There were some minor issues in the filter map view like area name is not in alphabetical order and selecting area with neighborhoods, but all issues are fixed. Search by area and neighborhood feature is added to filter and now users can see the selected areas’ name on the map by clicking on the selected area. 

8. Batch Edit Order Form Bug Fix 

There was an issue on the Batch Edit Order feature when the user upload the Edit form without doing any changes on the address field, the edited orders addresses were cleared, and the issue is fixed.