Shipox Features Update 2021 | Delivery Management System

Shipox Delivery Management System is committed to updating its services and adding new features from time to time in order to stay on top of the market demands and meet all customer requirements in the best possible ways. 

Here is a quick summary of some of the features that were updated recently: 

  1. Driver Wallet 

– Shipox has recently introduced Driver’s fee and Driver’s Wallet, where you can give 50% of the delivery charge to the driver itself. You can also have validation for Driver Fee, Public Change Commission was added.

  1. MultiBox – Box Number Logic was implemented along with new design for PDF

– One box is one order > Now, you can have multiple boxes inside each box > Add multiple boxes inside 1 single BOX > Each sub-box will have its specific barcodes. 

Delivery Management Software
  1. International Orders – Upgraded ability to add country name to Airway Bill (AWB)
Delivery Management Software

– For the international Orders, now in the AWB > the country, city, and region details are all displayed.

  1. Flashlight During Order Barcode Scan in Android Mobile App

– This enables the drivers to use flashlights during order barcode scans in the Android mobile app during the night and in the dark.

  1. OSM Map Api – Autocomplete, geocoding, auto routing, and distance matrix abilities with added and implemented

–  OSM is open street map, that’s an open data-based map we created, which can be used as an alternative for google maps. This now has a Maps API key. 

With OSM Autocomplete – when someone is typing the address, after capturing the 3-4 letters, the remaining address we are searching is auto-populated and the full address with the exact location is captured. 

With OSM Auto routing, customers can draw optimal routes for drivers to deliver multiple orders.

With OSM distance matrix is a method used to create route optimization. 

  1. Total Amount In The New Order Creation Form

– From the Admin Panel, an Order form can be tweaked with the addition of the Total Amount, which is the sum of COD + Delivery fee

Delivery Management Software
  1. Customer Order Creation

– We have developed a new Order creation form in the customer Backend, which is more informative and easy to use. 

Delivery Management Software
  1. CCS Additional Phone Number

– When the client is updating multiple phone numbers while placing the orders > all the numbers are visible in the AWB and AWZ Label. This can now be achieved in two ways:

  • Display alt numbers after the main number whenever it is mentioned in the Admin and Frontend – Brief, AWB, Manifests etc.
    Shipox Features Update - 2021

    Shipox Features Update - 2021
  • Display alternate numbers in mobile driver’s app >. When the call icon is tapped, display modal window will list all phone numbers

The team is making consistent efforts to add even more feature updates to the delivery management system, which will be shared soon.