Route Optimization Feature– Shipox - Shipox DMS

The Shipox route optimization feature is designed around agility and fulfillment. The algorithms work to create the shortest and most accessible routes for drivers while completing their delivery tasks. Route optimization helps businesses save costs in terms of fuel, hourly wages, maintenance, etc. This feature also enables drivers to perform the same delivery tasks much quicker, without wasting time on finding the possible routes to take, deciphering which delivery to schedule next, and other such issues. Shipox route optimization helps businesses score well in time, cost, and customer satisfaction with fast-paced delivery strategies that weren’t possible before. 

The Shipox route optimization algorithm works in a critical yet sophisticated manner where routes aren’t defined by the closest delivery stop next to the other but by planning routes in a manner that will take the least amount of time and incur minimum cost even if two delivery stops are in completely different zones.