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The food delivery industry has grown more rapidly in the last few years than ever before. Not only has it just grown, it has also evolved and its demands have also changed over time. Global customer expectations regarding on time food delivery, with excellent customer service, timely communication, and obviously great taste. Moreover, the competition in this industry has also increased and there are multiple players who want to make it to the top. According to Statista, the online food delivery segment revenue is expected to reach US$151,526 M in 2021 and is unexpected to undergo unprecedented growth. In such circumstances, restaurants want to find out the best practices and the new ways to achieve success. It is for this reason that multiple restaurant owners and managers are questioning and exploring the need of a food delivery software

What is a Food Delivery Software?

A food delivery software is also known as a restaurant delivery software. It is a platform that offers multiple web-based tools and features to improve various different aspects of delivery operations. The main purpose of a food delivery software is to automate delivery processes and ensure a successful delivery process. 

These are the top most benefits that using a food delivery software can offer your restaurant:

A Food Delivery Software
  • Efficient Order Management

A food delivery software is known to be able to increase the efficiency of order management by more than 64%. This is because it offers restaurants with automated processes and hence reduces the chances of manual errors, especially at times when there is an abundance of orders. It can also manage drivers and communication with customers more efficiently thereby enhancing the efficiency of order management. It has also help to increase the rate of first-day delivery success

  • Timely Deliveries

3 out of 5 online food shoppers claim that punctuality in food delivery is make or break. When people order food, they expect it to be delivered in the shortest possible time. Food delivery management software have features such as route optimization and automated order allocation that can increase the ability of drivers to drop off orders within due time.

  • Increased Customer Retention

Customer retention plays contributes towards at least 57% of brand growth and success in the industry. Customer retention comes directly from great customer experience. If your food tastes great and you receive multiple orders on the basis of your menu, your online orders will be judged also by the delivery of that food. Strong communication among customers, the restaurant management, and drivers can also play a massive role in positively impacting customer experience.

  • Enhanced Brand Identity

Global online shopping statistics reveal that online shoppers prefer to order from brands that they trust and find reliable. Brand identity needs to be increased by making your brand name, logo, and prime beliefs obvious to the audience. One of the ways in which a food delivery software can make this happen is through the use white-label applications and websites. These will be managed by your delivery management platform but will operate under your restaurant’s name. This will lead to the customers remembering your brand in the long run and help develop loyalty with your brand.

Shipox has helped multiple restaurants improve their food delivery operations and increase customer satisfaction, and the success story of one of them can be found here

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