Quick Guide to Understanding Dispatch Tracking in Logistics - Shipox DMS

Dispatch tracking is considered to be an important feature for seamless delivery execution. We are now living in the age of convenience, where all information is readily available to customers on the tap of their fingers. In such times, nobody wants to spend hours and lots of time trying to figure out the location and status of their order. This is why dispatch tracking has become so highly important. 

What is Dispatch Tracking?

Dispatch tracking is simply the process that helps to create or establish operational harmony between dispatchers and drivers. The software can help capture dispatch information and then relay it to the relevant stakeholders via different forms of communication, such as alerts, notifications, emails, and more. These software are known for optimizing the consumption of resources, and also streamlining delivery operations at the same time. 

Important things to know about Dispatch Tracking

Here is the list of the most common things that you must know about dispatch tracking software:

  1. It is a data driver and therefore can easily be integrated with other data driven software such as AI powered automations. 
  1. It can increase customer satisfaction and customer experience by increasing their loyalty in the system through allowing them real time monitoring and visibility.
  1. It helps to revolve and cater to customer complaints by acting as a method of digital proof of delivery. 
  1. Such software increases the transparency of business operations and acts as a window to increased visibility of the workforce. This helps increase productivity and overall accountability in the organization. 
  1. Delivery efficiency can be increased with the help of automated delivery operations. This makes the possibility of achieving same day deliveries and rush hour deliveries more likely. 
  2. End to end order movement can be made visible. This is very crucial for detecting and then catering to any shortcomings or mishaps that may occur during the delivery process.

In short, dispatch tracking software is very important when it comes to the execution of different processes that are part of logistics operations. They reduce the time and effort that is otherwise involved in executing manual operations. 

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