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What is COD Reconciliation?

An eCommerce specialist has quoted “ Without a proper system for COD reconciliation, your business could be on the cusp of suffering an economic heart attack.” COD reconciliation refers to the process of balancing out one’s billing books to account for all COD orders. When a COD order is processed and carried out, the money for it is collected by the carrier. Upon the completion of several cash on delivery orders, multiple collected payments are made to your business, hence declaring the orders closed. 

COD Reconciliation

What are the Benefits of COD Reconciliation?

There are many benefits of COD Reconciliation in delivery management. 

  • Manage the Cash Flow Cycle: You should be aware of exactly which of your COD orders have been fulfilled and about the remittances as well. You should know exactly how many orders have been partially or fully remitted or unremitted. 
  • Analyze the Cash Flow Data that has been submitted by the Delivery Personnel: You can analyze and determine which carrier is performing the best based on their remittance cycles. This enables you to understand which carriers are blocking up the cash flow and the reasons behind any potential non-remittances.
  • Ability to have a Detailed Database: Companies can now maintain, manage and store logs of data in the form of unified files. If any customer complaints or discrepancies arise at any stage, you can pull up the information you require on carrier remittances and specific orders with ease. This increases customer experience and enhances your ability to operate efficiently. 

These advantages enable you to stay aware of your business finances completely. 

How Does COD Reconciliation Work in Shipox?

To view how much COD is pending with each driver and to collect it from them.

Step 1 – Go to the Finance orders page in the admin backend

COD reconciliation

 Step 2 – You can see all the finance information

  • To be collected – Orders yet to be delivered
  • Collected – Orders delivered and cash with driver
  • With Cashier – The cash collected from the driver and with the cashier
  • With bank – Cash updated as “with bank” by the cashier after he had deposited the cash to the bank
COD reconciliation

 Step 3 – To check the cash pending from a specific driver, go to “collected” tab and filter the page with that specific driver’s name.

COD reconciliation

 Step 4 – Once the pending cash is received from the driver, select all the orders and “batch COD status update” as With Cashier

COD reconciliation

Hence, your route optimization software or your logistics management software should be one that has a COD reconciliation option as well. This will give your business the ability to offer the customers the option to pay in cash, which is known to increase customer experience and satisfaction rate positively. A business equipped with a holistic delivery management solution is bound to succeed in the immediate future. 

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