Jobs 🚚 - Shipox DMS

One compelling feature to save time is JOBS.

Multiple shipments occur when the items you’ve ordered are delivered as separate packages on different days. Now, you can group your orders based on their typical pickup or delivery address and assign them to a specific driver. All orders are picked up and delivered in one single go.

For example, let us assume there are 150 orders from a specific area of Dubai; now, group all the 150 orders as ‘JOBS’ in Shipox and deliver all the 150 orders in one go.

Can save time and cost of shipment at a time.

The Jobs creation is both Manual and automatic with Shipox.

To setup Jobs in your account manually, please follow the steps below,

  1. Navigate to the Main menu from the left top corner.
  2. Select Orders > Jobs.
  3. Click on the ‘+’ to add new jobs.
  4. Choose the service type as ‘Pickup.’
  5. Select a specific customer whose orders you would like to group.
  6. Choose your orders landing Warehouse.
  7. Enter the Order Numbers.
  8. Click on ‘Save‘ for your job to get created. 🎉
Jobs - Creation.png

Now, Let’s look at automating our JOB Creation process.

  1. Navigate to the Main menu from the left top corner.
  2. Go to Settings Dashboard > Allocation Rules.
  3. Click on ‘+’ to add a new allocation rule.
  4. Give a name and a short description of your rule.
  5. Assign the rule status as Active or Inactive.
  6. Choose the Rule type > Pickup Job Automation.
  7. Trigger Type > It can be either Order created/Order Pickup.
  8. Assign to > Courier Company or Driver.
  9. Add conditions on when this rule should run.
  10. Click on the ‘tick‘ to automate your job creation process.
Job automation rule.png

Once the job is created, Navigate to the job section to view the created order.

You would see in the below section,

  1. The name of the customer for whom the order has been created – LAB 1
  2. See the selected Driver – Driver Anmol
  3. See the status of the Job on the right top – Picked up.
  4. You can also see the status of individual orders as well if it is – In sorting Warehouse or Delivered.
  5. Know the total number of Orders assigned in a Single Job at the right bottom.
Jobs - uploaded.png

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