Is Your Fleet Management Software Capable Enough - Shipox DMS

Fleet management software or vehicle telematics are now being used by more than 75% of fleet managers to ensure smooth day to day operations. This is because these software are essential for fleet managers to keep a real time check on the performance and health of the delivery vehicles and staff. 

How does a fleet management software work?

Typically, after installing a device on your commercial delivery vehicles, the system collects the required information from these vehicles. It uses GPS technology and provides updates regarding fleet performance, including the location, direction, fuel consumption, productivity, and speed. 

You can learn more about how such management software can help in on time delivery success here.

Recent reports claim that the global fleet management industry is expected to reach the value of $537.53 BN by 2025. In the Middle East, the demand for such software and this entire industry is booming. One of the most important contributing factors to this is the rise in government policies and regulations that apply to delivery and fleet management. Moreover, increase in customer demand has also given rise to the need for a software that has the ability to provide great connectivity for meeting all expectations for a successful delivery process. 

While many businesses in the MENA region and rest of the Middle East do understand the importance of fleet management software, they fail to adopt one because the technology appears to be complex to use. It seems to be a transition that no one is ready for. SWOT Analysis of this industry has revealed threats regarding the safety and quality control when using this software, as many newer SaaS based companies can also be providing incompetent services. On the other hand, there is immense opportunity for improving operations by integrating the fleet with artificial intelligence, reducing manual errors, and much more. 

Fleet Management Software

Therefore, choosing the right fleet management software is crucial. Here are some of the ways in which you can avoid risk and threats, and make sure that your software is capable enough for success:

  • It should provide a comprehensive and single integrated platform for efficient task management
  • It should enable strong communication among all departments and also with the customer, along with regular notifications and updates
  • It must provide benefits including cost and time optimization, complete automation, and reduction in manual errors
  • Vehicle tracking and route optimization must be based on the latest technological updates
  • The software must be able to capture and analyze multi-layered data relevant to the delivery operations

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