Delivery Management Software Contributing To Environmental Health

Delivery management software that is eco-friendly and promotes green operations are not just cool, but an important necessity in today’s time. The latest UN reports on the environment have revealed shocking insights, especially regarding the increasing levels of pollution in the environment. The reports claim that there are many human activities that contribute towards this, including the high use of harmful fuel and use of vehicles that are not environment or eco friendly. 

More than 99.9% of the global landscape and their inhabitants are adversely affected by pollutants that are released through the use of fuel and vehicles. 

Here is how delivery management software can take the right steps towards protecting environmental health:

Is Your Delivery Management Software Contributing To Environmental Health

Measuring the last-mile carbon footprint 

It can be beneficial for you to figure out the inventory of your current carbon footprint. This will help you get a better idea and understanding of the ways and amount of carbon footprint that is being generated as a result of your delivery operations. For instance, if you are using certain types of fuel, vehicles, or packaging, or are supporting the production of this in any way, you can reevaluate your decisions and formulate better ways of doing so. 

Be cautious about the packaging

Packaging is a crucial component of your delivery operations. Make sure to not be using non biodegradable plastics, or other materials that can cause harm to the environment. As delivery companies are moving towards going green, one of the best considerations for them is to invest in the best possible form of packaging, including paper and recycled materials. 

Use zero emission delivery fleets

Delivery fleets include vehicles and these can cause a lot of increase in the amount of pollution being added to the atmosphere. One of the best ways to deal with this is to use electronic or e vehicles. These are much more environmentally friendly than the normal vehicles. Other than this, you can also use sustainable fuel such as bioethanol and biodiesel. These are sustainable fuel types and are healthy for the environment. 

Make the last mile operations green

Last mile operations can surely be a contribution towards increasing environmental pollution. This can be due to increased travel distances and therefore the related increase in the production of pollutants and the exhaustion of more fuel. Using different types of features such as route optimization and real time visibility can help vehicles manage their delivery routes in a much better manner. 

Moreover, there are also other initiatives that companies can take other than making changes or upgrades to the delivery operations. For instance, they can invest in projects that support making efforts for a greener and safer environment. These can include anything and everything from planting more trees, investing or promoting ventures for recycling, offering discounts or promotions to initiatives that support green efforts.

It is essential to realize that each delivery company’s individual efforts towards keeping the environment clean can help shape the attitudes and efforts of the entire industry. Sustainable delivery operations must become the main goal of delivery companies and they should start taking the right steps from now on because it will become an important part of the industry in the near future.

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