Beat Amazon At Same Day Deliveries: Delivery Management

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce marketplaces in the world. One of the main reasons for this is the leverage that it offers users for availing same day deliveries. A research conducted by L2 revealed that more than a quarter of the online shoppers cancel their orders or abandon their carts if they do not have the option to avail same day deliveries. This is because the primary purpose of online deliveries is to facilitate convenience. People do not want to travel long distances amid busy days to physically purchase products. However, they also do not want to wait for days to get their products either. 

In the UAE, Amazon is the most popular eCommerce shopping platform. More than 43.6% of online shoppers use Amazon, and one of the main reasons behind this is the high quality delivery service that it offers. Most businesses consider Amazon to be their biggest inspiration, and do not even consider competing with the global giant. However, the truth is that it is not so hard to compete with Amazon’s same day deliveries

Is It Possible To Beat Amazon At Same Day Deliveries

Here are some ways in which businesses can compete with Amazon at same day deliveries:

Automation of Processes

Automated business processes are far more efficient than traditional or manual processes. Using different software such as a complete delivery management software, route optimization software, etc can help make these operations smooth and efficient. It is only this way of making operations automated that rapid deliveries, such as same day deliveries will be possible. Otherwise, manual order dispatch and shipping can become very time consuming.

Efficient Route Mapping

Long delivery routes can take very long to travel on. Route mapping is the process which makes use of software to map out the most efficient routes. This enables the drivers to follow the shortest possible route to deliver orders. Often, time is spent traveling or navigating the suitable routes for deliveries. 

Flexible Deliveries

Delivery flexibility is considered to be one of Amazon’s best assets. Customer loyalty increases and their system allows for incorporation of immediate demands as well. An example of flexible deliveries can be that route mapping or route optimization is done live and in real time. This means that any customer request such as change of route or order cancellation can be relayed directly to the drivers, without time being lost in communication.

Increased Communication with Customers

Many businesses are unable to compete with giants in the market due to lag in their communication. For instance, there are no efficient ways for consumers to be updated about their order or share their requests regarding the delivery process. Real time visibility should be available for customers to be able to track their orders in real time. Moreover, a platform or portal to submit requests and feedback that can be directly related and catered to by the company is also important. 

While you might not be able to beat Amazon as same day deliveries, you can surely be able to compete with it and offer services that are just as competent!

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